Monday, March 9, 2009

A Team Sock

Just a little advice for anyone planning a move: do a little bit of reasearch and choose a city that has the same sports team colors............!
We moved from Syracuse Orangemen country (blue and orange) to Northern Florida where the Gainesville Gators (blue and orange) rule! It is easy to keep the team spirit when you like the colors!
Nyki helped me wind the 'hank' of yarn into a usable ball!


  1. I love the yarn, the colors are true-SU; and I love the way it's working up in the sock. Very cool!

    Nyki is growing fast -- she looks so much bigger already!

  2. Good on ya, Nyki! Tomodachi helped out here tonight by vacumming the floor when I dropped some of my chicken dinner!!

    Thanks for the advice about moving ad sports teams - don't think I'll have to worry as I don't plan to move in the near future and I don't folow any sporting teams! I prefer tennis to team sports [except when Australia is playing netball which happens about once a year on TV]


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