Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Wool Experiment

 A fiber friend sent me some raw Cheviot fiber for my enjoyment!  Since I have never worked with this breed of sheep, I decided to do a bit of a report on it.
 I hand washed , rinsed and then spun it in my washer and laid it out in the sun to dry.  (Nyki kept guard over it!)
 It didn't take long to dry in the 100F sunshine!  I carded it on my drum carder into four one ounce batts.
 After a dip in the pool to cool off, I sat and did some spinning .
 I repeated these two steps until I had two bobbins of spun singles.
 I then plied the two bobbins into one strand of yarn.  This fiber spun very easily and I will purchase more for future projects!
 I unwound it from the bobbin onto the niddy noddy, counting each wrap so I know how much yardage I have-383 yards this skein.
 Voila!  A nice skein of yarn to  enjoy from that pile of wool!
 Taking a cue from my Fiber Binder Club, I printed off a fact sheet from the internet,
 and attached a bit of raw fleece, washed fleece and a sample of the yarn that resulted.  I will knit up a swatch, too, so that I will have a complete record for this  breed of sheep!
( Thank you, Nikki, for your generousity in sharing the raw wool!)


  1. What a fun gift! Do you have dying plans for it yet?

  2. Kyki is a riot!!! Boy that wool will keep you busy for awhile. Looks so soft.
    The big dogs are something else you are so right. We had a great time with ours. Not so sure I will get anothe rone..they are just so big and expensive if they get sick.
    Counting the days til I can get away. Looks like we are driving. Not such a bad idea then I can shop

    Hoope your keeping cool..take care..Judi

  3. spin and dip! spin and dip! I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Waht a lovely gift and how wise of you to be so thorough in your approach to a new fleece.


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