Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brain Exercises

 My Kindle has a cover........nice to keep it protected in my purse and it is easier to hold now, too.
 Marsel wanted a cover but she wanted hers a little different-
 it also doubles as a stand!  It is a good exercise to make a pattern and get it to work!
 PuffDaddy and Sissy have been trying to make friends........Puff is nice to all but Sissy has trust issues!
They really were playing tug-o-war!
This is a privacy cape for nursing........there is a new mom at church so I found the supplies in the stash!


  1. Well done! Pattern making is definitely brain stretching!

  2. Love the fabric in your Kindle cover. Good work on making Marsel's a stand too.

  3. I didn't catch on to the fact that you were making one for me, too -- woohoo! Thank you. :)

    Hope Sissy figures out soon what a sweetie Puff is -- it would be nice for them to be buddies.

  4. Loved the kindle cover but is it waterproof--in case you drop it in the pool?? Sharon

  5. I want a Kindle and cover! Great nursing cape.

  6. You are always making such crafty things!!!


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