Friday, July 27, 2012

Quilting & Adventures

 The bird quilt is finished and packaged up for delivery!  I sure stretched my mind and muscles on this quilt as the feathered quilting motifs were all designed by me and placed like a pantograph for each triangle-it was a good lesson and one I will apply to future projects.
 I just outlined each bird and block and did a little free form quilting in the block.
 There is a feather circle in the rose blocks and a simple chain design in the sashing.
 I laid out a sheet for a curtain transformation and Sissy went wild-she skidded out and romped for half an hour before she tired of it!  I did have to wash the sheets after they were done being sewn as my daughter-in-law (who is the curtain recipient) is allergic to cats!  Small price to pay for the fun of watching Sissy play!
 I have a million little teeth marks in my measuring tape, too.
 The quilting frame was empty for about an hour and then I loaded a quilt Millie had dropped off for quilting.
 This was a pile of blocks she inherited and the sizes were a bit wonky and she squared them up and pieced them to make into a quilt instead of a dusty box in the closet!
 We have a branch down on our little 30' of exposed power line in the front portion of our yard.
 The branch is scorched and weighing the line down but we have power!  I had to call the power company to come and remove it-they said since we have power, we are low priority and they will be out within a few weeks.  If we should lose power, they will be out that day if I call them and let them know.  Oh, brother.
 I have a new fashion statement!!!  A compression stocking is all I need to solve the swelling issue in my foot!  The toes couldn't move because of all the swelling and the swelling was just a bit of overload for my system.  The stocking reduced the swelling and I can move my toes-for the first time in 10+ weeks!!!!
I am so happy that the solution is such a painless one and that I do not have to wear the air cast again.  I am supposed to wear it for one month and then back to the drs for assessment!  I am full speed ahead again!


  1. The bird quilt is so so beautiful!
    If you think your stocking is sexy, you should have seen my neck brace. Wooo! I had to beat the men off with a club! Ok, not so much.
    I think Sissy might be part Maine Coon...she has that coonie "M" on her forhead

  2. I am glad the solution was so simple!

    Utility companies can be a bit of a pain at times!

    Lovely quilting on the bird quilt - well done you!

  3. that cat does look happy:) and it's good to be back on your feet, though I would imagine that the sock is very warm in your climate?
    and the quilt is gorgeous - now you know what I meant when I said that I could have done my bird quilt better:)

  4. The quilting is stunning...Karen and I opened it up and enjoyed it together today!

    Sissy is adorable. My measuring tape has Mindy-teethmarks all over it...every proper measuring tape should, I think. :)

    So glad you finally have an easy solution to the foot problem, although I am a little bummed that you don't need me to come back and nurse you again...!

  5. Yea! Great blessing to not have to be hampered in your productivity. Love the bird quilt. Let me know where I could get the pattern. It looks like paper piecing on the bird blocks. Am I right? K


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