Monday, November 5, 2012


 We woke up to snow one morning-very fine but it did accumulate on the roof if you look closely!  Brrr!
 My Dad is busy outside most days unless he takes us out to eat, I get my non-stop activity from both of my parents!
 I finished this pair of fingerless mitts out of alpaca-the setting must have been wrong on my camera because the color is a nice chocolate brown but I can't get another picture because my sister fell in love with this pair and has them already!
 I am enjoying all the time with my nieces also-this is Alicia who has inherited the crafting gene and we cut out two baby blankets from fleece and she got them both fringe tied and ready for the mail!  Her older sister just got her driver's license and she was out with friends!  I will capture her later!
This is an entrelac afghan my Mom just finished.  It is a work of art!  Incredibly soft and luscious and just right for snuggling under for this Floridian!


  1. What a gorgeous afghan. It looks warm too!

    Good on your niece on getting two blankets done and in the post.

  2. I am so, so happy for you (and a wee bit jealous, too)! What precious together-times.

    Grandma's afghan is breathtaking!!! If it's that pretty in a picture, I can't imagine how pretty it is in person. Wow!

    Share hugs all around for me...

  3. I'm homesick! Want to walk up those back steps and into the kitchen!! Tell your Mom that afghan turned out beautifully--you might mention I miss her. Sharon

  4. Lots of crafting to be done there. Your family is like mine - no one sits still for very long unless their hands are busy doing something.


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