Monday, March 18, 2013

A Celebration of Years

 An early birthday celebration party at Grandpa and Grandma's train house!  Abigail is going to turn 9!
 Daunting, isn't it?!
 An American Girl gift certificate really brought out the smiles!
 The AG swim towel and bathing suit,
 and a bunch of craft kits under the watchful eye of the big brother!
 Even the retake has a bit of the devil in it.........see him prepare to bunny ear his sister!
 Mom shared her knitting this winter......her lace afghan is coming along beautifully!
 She also finished her wall hanging and Dad hung it for her!
This is a little scene she built for the coffee table.  (she doesn't have any cats or this wouldn't last long!)  We ended the night with a rousing game of cards in which I won.  Just for the record.


  1. More family fun. Happy birthday, Abigail.

  2. Oh, my! I can't wait to see your Mom's afghan blocked out. It's going to be beautiful!


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