Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cosmetology-Spin Style

Several years ago, the finish went on my Ashford Joy spinning wheel.  It has been sticky ever since and not attractive to spin with it!  It was a huge dust bunny and not in a good way!
I worked for 5 hours but I got it all apart, all sanded to remove the old polyurethane finish and then  waxed all the cleaned parts and then put it all back together!! ( I took each part and put it in a baggie labeled well so there would be no question of what went where!  )  It looks so much better and my socks don't stick to the pedals anymore!

( I will share with you my consternation when I was about halfway to having it back together and I saw the poly drive band sitting. over. there. and not on the wheel; which should have happened as  step one.  Nothing to do but take it all back apart and start again.  I was much quicker on the second assembly! lol)


  1. It turned out great! It's beautiful again! Nice to have that albatross conquered, eh?!

  2. I had planned something similar to my very old and tatty louet at some stage - but somehow there's always some spinning on it! but at least it's not sticky - it would just need a bit of tlc. maybe I'll manage during the summer? at least I'd have a better chance of getting the new varnish dry:) or not - if the coming summer is similar to the last two....

  3. Looks good. Is there anything you won't do?


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