Thursday, March 14, 2013


 When your grand daughter asks for a bathing suit for her American Girl doll, this Grandma searches until she finds a pattern and then finds everything she needs in her stash to make it happen!  Done in plenty of time before her birthday!
 Mom and I recovered some foam to make new rocking chair cushions since none were available in the stores!  Old foam and a new sheet-it worked out great!
The men have completed the walls!  The hurricane straps are on, too, and you can see them if you look at the base of each two by four!


  1. Cute bathing suite. So many nice things for those dolls.

  2. no girlies of that age in our family for now - but I used to like making stuff for dolls - even quicker to do than baby things:) and the shed looks interesting - safety against hurricanes is one thing we don't need - though we do have high winds often and quite a few storms. but not usually of hurricane strength (there must be some compensation for all the rain we get:)

  3. What a wonderful grandmother you are!


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