Thursday, November 21, 2013

Color Gradations

Here is some more superwash I dyed. 
 I split the roving into four sections this time; two for each skein.  This way I can make matching socks or mitts !  There is 150 yards in this skein.  Go ahead and give it a squeeze!


  1. It's so hard to look at yarn without touching!

  2. I'd like a turn -- roving/yarn squeezing is a very satisfying activity! Very pretty colors...very "you." :)

  3. Oh, man! I wish I could squeeze that. It looks so soft!

  4. it looks like your garden - without blooms:)

  5. Soft and beautiful. Can't get any better than that.

  6. Pretty green! I look forward to seeing what you knit.


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