Friday, November 15, 2013

Pre-Purple Cow Preparations

 I finished two pairs of socks for Aria from the socks I made her Mom!  The skeins of yarn are no more!
 I have been packing for the big sale at the fiber/vending event in Port Orange tomorrow.  I will be demonstrating my spinning and selling my yarn items as well as my soap and sea glass!
 I have everything inventoried and price tagged to make the sale easy tomorrow!
 I added some hardware to some of the sea glass-I will be wearing one myself!  I just didn't have enough time to make each one with its own fixings!  This will give me an idea if there is a market for more!  I do take orders from this sale so that is another possibility.
 I also started this when I was unable to get off the couch with this cold!  It has come at a most inconvenient time!  (Okay, a cold is never convenient....)
I am going to make three of these puppy hats for the three youngest members of the family!  I used the brand from Hobby Lobby called I heart this Cotton and it is SO soft!  This would be great for any garment and it does not have the rough feel of dishcloth cotton.   A nice surprise!

Early to bed tonight because we leave very early tomorrow morning to give us time to travel and set up in Port Orange!


  1. Very exciting!

    The sea glass is lovely; I love how you did the wire. The puppy hats are adorable! Can't wait to see the babies wearing them!

  2. Did I read it wrong, or did you say you made two pairs of socks for someone out of the yarn you used to make socks for her mom? I've never seen socks with thumbs before. They would be great to wear with flip flops! Why didn't I think of that?

    The puppy hat IS adorable. And the sea-glass pendants totally rock! Did you craft the findings?

    Have fun with the spinning demo, and good luck with the soap sales!

  3. The sea glass is just beautiful. I may have you finish a piece I found in Lake Michigan. Take care, good luck with the sales. Purple Cow-- I just love it!

  4. I hope you sell out of everything. The sea glass is so nice with the wires. They will make lovely necklaces. Can't wait to see the puppy hats. Cute.

  5. purple cow? that's the translation of milka, a german chocolate brand:) I hope you are going to have a successful day, for sales and also weatherwise! love the sea glass, I knitted a "bag" out of wire for a piece of mine, but didn't like the look of it - more like a cage really! much nicer to have it hanging freely...

  6. Puppy hats!!! So cute!

    I hope you sold lots of stuff.

  7. Hope it went well. You are always so busy!


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