Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dabbling in Projects

 Saturday brought the boom truck bright and early to cut down a tree that had died and posed a health risk for residents at the train house!
 After it was brought down, Bill and Dad made short work of it!
 Then, they ripped out another wall in the bedroom and got that insulated and sheet rock up.  On to wall number three!
 I am still a bit under the weather, so I did a bit of spinning-more of my level of activity right now!
I accomplished 278 yards of Romeldale. This fiber is a cross of Romney and Rambouillet and a very soft, cushy yarn results!  Another first fiber for me and it was a great spun - I give it a four star rating!
 Mom brought her completed quilt top over and we loaded it up on the frame so I can quilt the layers together!  Isn't it pretty!?  Now to decide what pattern to work on it!


  1. It is, indeed, a very pretty quilt.

    Why do you call it the train house?

    Glad you're feeling a bit better.

  2. I love sponginess of rambouillet, too. Lovely quilt.

  3. Romeldale, never heard of it - but it looks lovely with the natural brown! and you are really fast with the quilts - it would take me ages to do one! I hope you don't need the timber soon for heating, saw a US weather chart and it looks like another few very cold days! hope your health is improving - and happy quilting:)

  4. Love the quilt! And the yarn looks super. I've started spinning the "Fiber Binder" year 1. Benita did a great job putting it together.

  5. It's always nice to see "The Park" looking lovely!

    Gram's quilt is very pretty! Do you have a plan yet for the quilting?

  6. Yes, best take the tree down voluntarily rather than otherwise.

    Don't you love remodeling and getting places fixed up?

    That yarn looks so squooshy!

  7. Always happy to see how busy you guys are! Hope the big freeze didn't hit you guys too hard!

  8. We do have an awful lot in common, don't we? I wish I had your quilting do-hickey. FMQ on my itty bitty machine is NO fun!

  9. The quilt patterns and colors are wonderful. I love the yarn but sorry to hear you've been under the weather.
    We had a tree taken down last year to. An Amish man came and made quick work of it. We were sad to see it go but for some reason it just died. Also 15 stumps ground down. Bill cut down a lot of the bushes that had been planted to close together before we bought the house.
    Be well.

  10. Yeah, dead trees can be hazardous. Who knows when it could topple over, especially at times such as severe weather events. Getting a truck made cutting the tree much simpler and safer than doing it without, so it makes perfect sense you got one. I hope you're satisfied with the results!
    Jonathan Carroll @ UtilityFleetSales.com


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