Thursday, January 9, 2014

Refresher Course

 I love trying new stitches out for a dish cloth-it's a great size to learn on and you have something useful when you are finished!  These are done in the Brioche stitch.   I worked on this last year but I did two color in moving stitches and didn't know how to do it with just one yarn.   It was a good refresher especially as I am still so lumpy after the flu-it sure drained me of my usual gumption!
The stitch might look like ribbing but it is ribbing on steroids!  The ridges and valleys are higher/deeper and the thickness is double what k1p1 ribbing would be.   A very good stitch to have in your repertoire!  I have the yarn and a pattern for a single color Brioche hat soon.


Loree Jackson said...

Using learning pieces for dish cloths... I love it. Great idea

Lynne said...

Very nice indeed. Dish cloths are ideal for learning new stitches and techniques, that's why my first shadow knitting piece will be about that size!

I'm sorry that you are still not feeling like yourself.

Marsel said...

Very interesting texture. Is that our usual cotton dishcloth yarn?

benita said...

It looks like ribbing, but it doesn't seem to "fold up" like ribbing. Is it stretchy or would it be okay for the main part of a sweater?

Roxie said...

Is it reversible?

Sorry you are still pulled down by that flu.