Saturday, March 15, 2014

Grandchild On Board!

 Ella is here for the weekend!  Her parents are celebrating their second anniversary!
 She liked 'driving' the tractor herself without any NOISE!  The last time Grandpa offered a ride, she did not like it. (Ella likes chasing all the cats but Bling-Bling is the only one who lets her love on him!  They both like that!)
 Well this time she did!  She enjoyed a short ride around the front yard!  Yay for Ella!
 She tried on the sock I knit her-she liked it so much she didn't want to take it off!
The yarn was fun to unravel, too!
The magic a sleeping baby works on me still has power!


  1. ach, another cutie:) they look so peaceful when sleeping, even if they did wreck the house just minutes before:) enjoy the time with her - and knowing you the 2nd sock will be finished before she goes home again!

  2. Awwww....nothing is better than Grandma time. I got a little myself today too. Precious!

  3. How sweet...So glad you can have this time with her!

    A real tractor ride -- yay Ella!

  4. Oh my! Another baby who's so obviously a Minota! It's shows so much in the photo of her hand above her head!

    Enjoy all the cuddles! I won't see mine again till May. Thank God for FaceTime!

    PS We're also likely to be putting the cat up for adoption. It's either that or risk him encountering a larger, stronger feral cat or, worse still, a deadly snake, in the bush next to the new house or keeping him in a cage (aka cat run) for the rest of his life!

  5. I don't know... I see an awful lot of babies running tractors on this blog... there are child labor laws in this county you know LOL!


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