Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Knew That.........

I got out the four skeins of hand spun cotton that I had dyed a few years ago.  I never did anything with it because it wouldn't stop bleeding dye.   I put it in the washer in a lingerie bag to soak in the clorox to get rid of the extra dye.   Well, the color isn't bleeding now but I forgot to turn off the cycle when the washer filled and the lingerie bag zipper broke and the washer was filled with this tangled mess.   I laid it out in the sun to dry thinking I could untangle it but I am admitting defeat!
I threw the whole mess into the trash.   You have heard the phrase 'yarn barf' well this is it!
Note to self-the washer may be used with fiber antics only as a big soaking not walk away!   Ever.
On a brighter note, I made some of creamed peas and tuna earlier this week-it is comfort food. Has anyone ever heard of it or eaten it?
 The King Orchid is in full bloom-it is magnificent!
These little faces look like they are laughing!  I have several skeins of cotton left to play with-I am trying to laugh at myself, too........


  1. The orchids are stunning! The yarn...not so much. :)

    I'm afraid you did not pass on the creamed peas & tuna on toast gene to me. (Blech!) :)

  2. I've heard of chipped beef gravy and peas on toast! No tuna for me. Loved the orchids! sharon

  3. oh no, what a mess:( and with handspun to boot (commercial wouldn't be quite so bad!). I know how that feels - I still have several of the purple lumps here waiting to be sorted, not my favourite job... but I can't throw it away, because it's mainly silk and I am too mean to get rid of it:) and it's chunkier than yours, so hopefully there comes a day, where I have done all of them:)
    and the orchids are not laughing about you - they just try to cheer you up:)

  4. Goodness! Yarn barf is right. How sad.

  5. Never admit defeat! I see a fiber art sculpture! Lol!

  6. Oh dear! We live and learn but some lessons are just too hard!

    I have a lovely area of dyeing under my new house -- can't wait to use it. Moving day is four weeks tomorrow.


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