Friday, March 28, 2014

Orchids and Mittens!

 These are blooms on an orchid tree!   They are in bloom in so many yards-just amazing!  (This tree is at a friend's house-not mine but we are going to take one of her little seedlings and try to grow our own!)
 My King Orchid is still in full bloom.
My little Phalaenopsis has just opened up a flower-ahhhh, they are stunning!
Two pairs of Evergreen Lake Mittens off the needles and drying after blocking!


  1. I love those mittens! What a cool pattern. Aren't orchids lovely :-)

  2. Orchid blooms are just so stunning!

    The mittens turned out great! Love the color combinations.

  3. Ooooh....blooms. How lovely. As are the mittens!

  4. Orchids are so exotic! I admire the heck out of anyone who can get them to grow.

    Those mittens rock. Bet they are mega warm, too.

  5. The orchids are beautiful.

    How does one block mittens?


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