Friday, April 4, 2014

Finishing Friday

 First thing this morning we received this gift;  the Sandhill Cranes brought their two chicks up for breakfast of corn!
They were just a little skittish but so adorable to watch!
 Since morning is my best part of the day now, I set to work to finish some projects.  I hurt when I sit so I devised this cushion for myself-it is very dense foam with a back also because my spine hates sitting.  I covered it with denim from the stash!
And I included a handle so it can travel with me-EVERYWHERE!  I can't ride in the car without it!
 Flashback fashion here-I made a peasant top with some vintage fabric.   It is very comfortable to wear!
 I whipped off this romper for Will and then...
 one for Ella!   (Can you see the motif on each of these?)
And then I ended the day with a swim.....then a float!  Ahhh, it was just right!
(The water is 88.5F for those who wonder!)


  1. 88.5 degrees? I can't even imagine. We still have the heat on.
    I love all the sewing projects. How DO you do it? That would have taken me a month-or more!

  2. I wouldn't mind a float in that water just now:) and the pillow with handle is a great idea - only topped by the rompers, how cute are they? at first I thought your peasant top features builder's supplies, but then I saw that the text belonged to the one below:) you've been busy, and all that in one morning???

  3. I love the sunflower baby romper. SOOO cute.
    I wish I had a pool. That looks lovely

  4. So exciting to have two crane babies join your menagerie!

    Remember when you used to make those rompers for my babies? Remember their fat little knees sticking out the bottom of them? Time flies...sigh...!

    It made me smirk to hear you say "...morning is my best part of the day..." The circumstances are not at all funny, and I am not making light of them...but I am smiling over the statement anyway! :)

    Bring your warm pool with you when you come to my house!

  5. Those chicks are so cute! I wonder if they feel as fluffy as they look.

    You think of us northerners while you float in that warm pool. I'm wearing a turtleneck under a heavy sweater today.


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