Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pacing the Creativity!

 I finished the tube socks for Will.  I listened to the Knitmore Girls Podcast and the Grandma Gigi said she likes these better for little feet because they don't outgrow them as quickly for there is no specific heel placement.   I tried it on Will and agreed-it is going to be the way I make kid socks from now on!
 When even standing gets miserable, I can sit in my recliner and still spin!  
I am plying the Indigo dyed Cormo fiber now.   It will puff up so nicely when it is washed!
 I have walked around this all week-moving the blocks around and trying to find a lay-out that makes me happy.   I finally got it this morning!   Now I have stacked the pieces so they are ready for sewing and no longer have them on the floor!
 I made these little knitting project bags  today,  they will keep everything contained for easy grabbing.
 I only had one little bread closure tag but I will be collecting these because they give you an easy clue as to what is IN the bag!  I had fun putting little fringe doodads on the ties.   Well, except for the clumsy hand motions when I picked up the bead tube upside down...good thing I like to sweep!


  1. Tube socks for little ones are a great idea along with the cute little bags for your knitting goodies.

  2. I forgot a few things. First I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems. I have two very good friends with MS one is not doing to well while the other gets around and is one busy lady. I think her only problem is she get tired some times.
    I see you're using an electric spinner. I love mine!!! Small and quite. I think my next purchase will be a Wooly Winder. I had one for my Ashford electric spinner and liked it a lot.

  3. Whoa! Tube socks. !!! I love this thought for kids

    What is the pattern ! IM thrilled at this thought

  4. I knew there had to be a use for bread closure tags!!!

    That's a great idea for kids' socks - no heel placement.

  5. Good old tube socks. I had my girls in tube socks till they were 16... kidding. You might like to make a felt board to stick your quilt pieces to. The little pieces of fabric just stick to the felt... no pins or nothin'

  6. You've been busy making all kinds of wonderful things! Project bags are great. I never thought about using a bread tag to label what's in the bags. I use bread ties to wind my starting yarn end onto to keep it clean and out of the way.

  7. I never thought about tube socks for kids. I may have to give that a try. Love those little project bags. You can't have too many of those!
    I've been living in Daddio's recliner when I am over there on my "shift". I may have to get one for myself!

  8. This blog filled my Mom, Grandman and great grandma tank! Thanks for sharing! Love amd miss you, Mom

  9. What a great use for bread tags!

    Several months later I can ask these questions: do the tube socks work well? Are they comfortable? Seems odd to think about socks with no foot but I have worn commercial (very thin) tube socks and they were okay.


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