Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TDF Day 11-REST!?

 Since I didn't have to 'race' today, I used the time to card the rest of the Alpaca!  I have 12 more ounces to spin!  I might stop when I have another bobbin full at the 8 ounce marker...  I then took the time to clean out the carder, oil it and discard all the SAND that fell out from the fleece!  Wow, can this fiber hold dirt!  I then cleaned and oiled my Espinner so all is ready for tomorrow's schedule!
 I cut out a denim straight skirt.   I didn't have a lot of oomph left after this activity so I moved on to a sitting job.
 I finished the Mystery shawl clue one.  I was supposed to have at least 2/3 of my starting weight of yarn left after this clue and I have that and a bit more!  Nice to know I am on the mark.  (Remember this is no blocked;  lace knitting doesn't look as impressive on the needles!)
 This afternoon when a mighty thunderstorm moved in, I did some knitting on this project!  I did quite a bit of it in the dark as we lost the power several times over two hours!  We did get almost an inch of rain which is a lot for us!  This doesn't look too exciting laying down like this but when you put it on your foot, an amazing stripe is evidenced:
See the pretty stripe of zig zags up the outside of the foot and leg!  Very easy to knit and fun to just do 'one more zig...' !  (Zigzagular Socks is a free Ravelry download!)  I did add my own heel to this and make it toe up instead of following the directions but it is the same idea;  I have been a knitter too long to knit any way but my favorite way!


  1. I can't wait to see that shawl blocked. It's even pretty in its natural state!

  2. Pretty projects on your needles!

  3. Your stitches look so very even!!! 1842

  4. Were toe-up your first socks? I find that I keep going back to my first: cuff down on dpns with an hourglass heel; I'm most comfortable this way!


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