Friday, September 5, 2014

FO Friday!

 I have the first sock done; it is another winner in the strip sock design series!   I am calling this one DNA strips because the pattern reminds me of a helix!
 I worked at getting a pleasing repeat for the first sock and was concerned about my ability to mirror image the design for the second sock!
 What's to worry-quite by accident I just turned the pattern upside down and there it was!  The perfect mirror image of the first sock!
 I have cast on and am working confidently on the second sock!  Yippee!
PuffDaddy loves my knitting almost as much as I do..........
(He very much wanted to be completely in the basket but after four turns and no success, he settled for this!)


  1. Love the sock and the crazy kitty!

  2. Cats and containers...such a funny thing! The socks turned out very cool.


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