Friday, September 26, 2014

Georgia Love

We traveled differently this time, Bill and I left together from our home, Bill drove me to the airport-kind of on his way to this home-then he continued on my ground and I flew to Atlanta where family awaited me-it is so wonderful to see them at the end of the flight!!!!!   Bill made it through Atlanta without too much trouble and we are all reunited at the McKee home!  It is good to be creative when you have some physical challenges!  (The 8 hour car ride is just out of the question for me)
After traveling, I did a bit of recuperating and knitting and enjoying being in the McKee household!  I really liked working on my Georgia Geology Shawl here with the soil for inspiration!  I am on the 6th of 7 layers!
We got to enjoy watching David at his basketball academy one evening!  It sure brought back memories! 
Today, the girls had yarn and movie day!  (Bill and David went to play golf and Bruce had to work!)
Marsel picked a skein (the one on the bottom left) from the grab bag and began a pair of socks;
   I worked on a pair I had brought with me and I taught Abigail how to crochet a granny square!   She has been working on her knitting but wanted to make a square like Aunt Ashley did a bit ago.
She did it!  Abigail took to it immediately even with having to train and find her own way to make her left hand participate in the job!   It is so neat to see her determination!
(We watched Anne of Green Gables, then the old Cinderella from Rogers and Hammerstein and then the Sound of Music!)   What a great day!


  1. How nice that you have fellow yarnies to craft with!

  2. Oh was it the Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows? I love that show! Relax and enjoy :)

  3. I love the Anne of Green Gable movies. And, that Granny Square looks awesome! Great job for Abigail.

  4. The primary reason why I never volunteer to teach anyone to crochet is because I'm left handed! Well done, Abigail! That being said, my nanna taught me to crochet by having me sit opposite her and 'reflect' everything she did! It worked -- I can crochet!


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