Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Knitting, too.

 The Driver's Mitts are finished.  The cables are tons of fun;
This is a great knit in worsted weight yarn and it fits wonderfully because of the k2, p2 ribbing throughout!


  1. Those are yummy! Perfect colors for those cold spring days where you still need some mitts. It's freezing here again and it was 70 this afternoon. Boo...

  2. funny, I am knitting socks in a similar colourway, just with a bit more blue/teal in it:) and doing ribs of a kind...
    sounds like you deserve a rest day or two, major excitement in the zoo - and fun in the pool! we're having sunshine at least, even if your temperatures... are only a dream:)

  3. Mum is knitting a blanket square #22 (or is it 23?) of 28 needed for one blanket.

    I could be knitting but I'm not in the mood for reading a colour work chart and the sock I'm knitting has a different heel to my usual one -- I can't be bothered to get up from my comfy recliner to find the pattern! So, I'm reading your blog! Please don't feel you need to answer all my comments -- most of them probably don't even make sense out of context!


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