Sunday, March 8, 2015

Playing with Time

 I woke up to these guys right up next to the pool screen, cleaning up around the bird feeders!  By the time I tried to sneak out for a picture, they were on the run!
 I got to work on the quilt on the frame, it was a dense design so it did take long but it does work well with the colors/design so it was worth it!
 It rested a bit while I did some mending,
then I trimmed it up and put the binding on.
Even the back is colorful!
 I finished the Chroma socks (they look too dark here-it is light brown and coral with the teal)  Since they are hand wash and dry, I did some blocking so the cable shows and they start out right!
 I am making good progress on the mitts to match the Coronet cable hat.
 I did some experimenting with the green tea moisturizer since I wasn't happy with my first attempt.  It just was soup instead of a cream!   I melted it all again, added some beeswax and some cocoa butter and it is just right now-wow, does it make your skin feel moisturized!  I love it!
 I have some Romney/Targhee on the espinner!   This is an incredible fiber to spin-I will be buying more of this in the future!   I will be dyeing it after I spin it this time.  (I have an idea for the skein to be tri-colored.)
The dragonfly table runner is ready for the frame!


  1. So much to love in this post. That quilt is a stunner!

  2. Love the color saturation of the quilt...I can almost taste and smell and hear the colors, they are so vibrant. Beautiful.

    Lots of pleasing progress in this post!

  3. I love the colors you used in the runner... blue and ochre are one of my favorite combinations. The bigger quilt is gorgeous! Did you do free motion quilting on that?

  4. I love the colors on that quilt!! This time of year (especially in the north) color like that is sorely needed.

    That fiber you are spinning looks really sweet!!!

  5. Love the quilting on your pinwheel quilt. Love the socks and the mitts. So much is always happening in your crafting world.


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