Monday, April 20, 2015

Goliath and Me

 I pulled the beginner quilt off the frame and ripped out the areas that were unacceptable.
The good news is that with just a few snips, the bobbin thread came right out of the back.
 I had a pile of thread but I didn't go crazy pulling out the 9 blocks that were rats nests on the back.
 I purchased new bobbins and a new bobbin case for Goliath.  The old one had lost his spring and the bobbins were backlashing on me;  hence the nests and broken threads.  Once I got the right tension on the new bobbin, it worked like a dream!  I not only loaded the quilt back on and quilted those blocks, I pulled it off the frame and put the binding on, too!
 While my motor skills need work, the machine is humming right along with me not against me any more!
 In fact, I loaded this little quilt of Millie's that was languishing in the cache on the frame and finished it for her in no time.  It's amazing what you can do when everything is just right.
I even got it done before the Fourth of July!  This machine and I are going to get a lot of quilts finished together.......!


  1. Hooray! Your years of experience are definitely a boon when it comes to new challenges -- it's nice that you can diagnose and fix, as well as sticking to it when it's not fun because you know it will be worth it eventually! Quilts look great!

  2. I love seeing your quilts....very inspiring! You do beautiful work.

  3. ach, I had a similar problem with the bobbin on my normal sewing machine a while back! and I thought I must be going daft, because it kept making loops in the back:( took me much longer to figure out the problem.... thanks for the quilt colour - and all the lovely flowers in the entry on sunday:)

  4. Sounds like you and Goliath are going to be good friends. :-)

  5. That is the coolest machine ever!

  6. Hooray for sorting it out and working together!

  7. Natural State KnitsMay 20, 2015 at 9:35 AM

    I can't wait to see you in action on that thing. I look forward to a longer visit next time!


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