Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's in the Bag! (A tutorial)

 I have had my eye on this project bag for months but am just getting around to tackling it.
(I heard about it on the Knitmoregirls Podcast!)
 I cut out my fabric pieces and seamed them into a long line.  (All measurements on her blog)
 I folded the long stretch in half and pinned for my stop and go spots.
 This is where the casing will be for the drawstrings.
 After stitching, I then measured and marked by corners for squaring up.
 This is what it looks like!
 Ahh, now it is looking more like what it should!  I gave it a good press now.
 Next, I marked my stitching lines for the casing.
 And stitched them!  Sometimes, the air erase marker disappears before I get it to the sewing machine but today it is dry out and the lines are still there!  Figures!
 Time for the drawstrings to be pressed....
 ...but the right tool or gadget makes the job SO much easier!
 Perfect every inch of the way!
 Now to the sewing machine to fold them in half and topstitch.
 This is a handy foot if your machine has it, an edge stitch foot.   It keeps the edge right next to the flange on the foot so you get a straight seam without wrestling the skinny strip!
 Speaking of gadgets, and I love each one I own, this one is great for pulling elastic or ribbon or drawstrings through casings!   (Even if I don't use a tool real often, I find that having the right tool makes the job so much easier when the situation calls for it!  Once bought, the gadget is in my tool box forever and worth its weight in gold to me!)
Oh, yeah, just what I pictured when I heard about it so many months ago!
 This might be the last sewing project for a bit.....This lovely family (middle son and wife) stopped by today to drop Will off for the week while they go on a company vacation to reward Matthew for the excellent year of sales at work!  They are going to Cancun!
Will transitioned great, he will be ordering my steps causing us both a lot of wonderful moments!


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on that nephew of mine! I hope at least one or two of his hugs can come to me instead of to Uncle Bruce!

    The project bag is pretty and the cookies are so "you". :)

  2. Love the color combination in the bag. Have fun with Will :)

  3. That bag was a surprise to me, I had no idea how it would turn out!

    Congratulations, Matthew, on doing such a great job that they sent you away on vacation! Hope the week with Will wasn't too tiring!


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