Thursday, May 7, 2015

Losing and Winning!

 The Wasabi Socks-1, Me-0.   I got a bit confused on my stitch count, though t I had too many so when I got to the place yo start the heel, I had too few stitches!    Ripping out and carrying on was the only solution!
I also have a mending project in the works....Caleb needs his new work shirts converted from long sleeved to short;   they don't have short sleeves available for the FL stores!   Mom to the rescue!   I like the challenge of mending and alterations!  (Good thing!)
This afternoon we went to watch the kids on their Home School Soccer League game!
They've grown so much since last year!!!  It was very warm for game time but like the true southern kids they are, they did fine!  (I did some knitting while there and almost caught up to the Greek again!  I hope to do better during tonight's knitting!)


  1. A soccer grandma who!

  2. Oh those frogs .....sometimes they just show up uninvited.

    You have some mighty cute grands! Enjoy your time with them.

  3. It is so much fun to have you here to share in our everyday life! It makes the mundane more enjoyable and the fun even more fun! :)


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