Monday, June 1, 2015

Hold Still!

We took a tour around the property.  It sure needed mowing but aside from that, I was excited to see that we have two new banana bunches growing. 
So in three months, we will be eating and freezing them! 
Caleb and Ella went with me to tour the grounds.  Ella likes to see things and then is so excited when we 'find' my house again! 
Eli likes Grandma's big tub!  He is a splashing machine! 
When he isn't busy splashing, he is quite a bundle of snuggle! 
I asked Ella for a pretty picture, I got pure Ella in response!  I love it!
They went home Saturday evening and I got a very little knitting done.  Sleeping, I managed quite well.  Travel does that to me.
Yesterday was church;  seeing the church family I haven't seen for  month and then the 'big' Sunday afternoon nap.  Last night I knit 2 squares on the entrelac blanket before bed.  I am way behind the goals I set for knitting this so it can be done on time.  Yes, it has to be done to go to Seattle.  The universe might slip or something...and I don't want to find out.
This morning I had to get up and go without breakfast so I could go for blood work in town.  This bruising is what I do every time now.  Dumb.  At least the tech today did it relatively painlessly.  I ran  walked a few errands after the lab visit and then came home for lunch!  I am going to face   tomorrow with vim and energy!  And I am going to be home all day...I love a home day!


  1. Ouch! Your bruise gave me shivers. I can't believe bananas grow like that. So pretty. Who knew?
    Lovely grand babies. You are certainly blessed.
    And YES. I love a home day. I had no idea when I retired that they would be so hard to come by.

  2. Yowch!!! That looks nasty. Glad to hear it really DOESN'T hurt. Usually I don't have a problem with blood draws, but two times ago I SWEAR the needle hit a nerve. My arm hurt for 6 weeks!

    I get to go again in a few weeks. FUN TIMES!

    Glad you had a good month off!

    Those bananas look like they will be pretty good size. Enjoy!

  3. We were having fun quoting Ella last night -- she is a piece of work, and a very cute one!! Glad you got time with them!

    Enjoy every delicious moment of your home day today.

  4. Those babies are adorable. Eli is so plump and sweet I could just eat him up!

    That bruise is wretched. Are you taking aspirin or coumadin or another blood-thinner? And does it HAVE to be the elbow every time?

    You can always knit on the plane. Enteric is so fiddly unless you learn to knit backwards. I haven't yet.

  5. The tech isn't pushing the needle in far enough, that's why you're getting a hematoma. The kids are so cute :)


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