Friday, July 3, 2015

Ending A Work Week

It is still considered work, even when you are retired.  I am after all, still alive!  
I dyed a superwash roving and a Cormo roving and hung them out to dry in the sun.
Then the sun turned a bit rainy and Bill rescued them to finish drying in shower!
(I was at the doctor's again because I am addicted to spending hours there every week...!) 
I pulled myself out of my comfort zone and tried some different combinations of colors for the roving.   
This is the superwash and I will begin the TDF tomorrow with the red/white and blue! 
I couldn't resist braiding this when dry-it will be a new series of colorways;  this one called Fall:  Earth and Sky. 
This roving I split already so I can begin right away tomorrow morning!! 
(I split the roving because the yarn will be two ply hence, two bobbins of spun singles)
I finished up some more of the Brioche dish cloths, this set for me.  My own were looking a bit ratty.

I still do not have a knitting project to allure me at present so I will wait for inspiration to strike while I am spinning during the next few weeks of the race.  It's not like I am low on yarn or anything but sometimes, a funk happens.
I know enough to wait it out. 
This morning I did another Cormo roving dye  batch;  this one echoing the one I did yesterday but in lighter colors for Spring:  Earth and Sky.  
I had enough sunshine to risk hanging these outside this morning to dry!
While the roving was drying, I carded up four ounces of the Florida Gulf Native Sheep fleece I washed earlier in the week.  It is very soft which is good because this can be a coarser fiber.
I will leave this natural to go with my other 'natural' wool yarn pile.  If the yarn turns out nicely, I will dye some of the remaining fleece.
Today the roving dried in no time!   I used very little dye powder to get the pastel colors.  This is not my usual color choices but it is so very pretty.  It will be a good spin! 
Now that I have the fibers all ready for tomorrow, I cut out a lined dress for Marsel.
I made this dress last year and gratefully made all the alterations I needed right on the pattern pieces so all I had to do was lay them out, pin and cut!  
I will be sewing it together when I need a spinning break!


  1. I see lots of fibery goodness! I love the red, white and blue fiber for this year's Tour. Now why didn't I think of that? Happy spinning tomorrow. I've got my wheels washed, oiled and ready.

  2. Sounds like you have some busy weeks coming up.

    You dyed up some lovely colors. I can't wait to see what they look like all spun up.

  3. Your yarn and rovings are just gorgeous! What beautiful colors...I'm feeling very inspired. Can't wait to see the yarn you spin up from them. Have a great weekend!


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