Friday, July 10, 2015

TDF 2015 Day Seven and a Ta Da!

First thing this morning we carried the wicker furniture to its rightful place on the front porch.  It was such an exciting moment for me!  This furniture was a gift from Bill to me when we bought our farmhouse in 1988.  That means that this furniture is old!  It has supported us through lots of lounging and laughing!  (The table was a more recent addition from a yard sale from Marsel but it works well with this set!) 
I moved the sofa over to the right of the front door and it looks balanced almost.  It needs two little end tables to match the look of the other arrangement.  We will check out some local thrift stores to make our find. 
The second skein of superwash merino came to life tonight.  We had  long day away and it was a push to spin this evening but I did it!


  1. Looks like when cooler weather finally comes to Florida, you'll have a nice place to sit outside and knit.

  2. Nice! The furniture looks brand new.

  3. The wicker is BEAUTIFUL!!! Worth the wait. :)

  4. The wicker furniture turned out great! You newly covered cushions sure add pizazz! Love the yarn.

  5. Love the wicker color! Perfect. Need to come for a visit and try it out :+)


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