Saturday, August 1, 2015

All Good Things...

We headed to the pool early today because we could see that some rain was in the near forecast! 
Inside, we all found something to do to make us happy....Eli was discovering feline friendship.
It was going well on Bling, our guy who will take all the tight hugs and squeezes from the kids  (All the other cats run for cover when they see the kids coming!) until Bling made a noise in his chest that totally freaked Eli out!  Oh, no.  Bling didn't blink an eye.
After the hours of rain and packing up, we headed to Palatka's Corky Bell for dinner.   
and then it was time to say goodbye because it was the end of this adventure weekend!


  1. That's one good kitty!
    I had to Google that restaurant. What a menu. Now I'm going to bed hungry. Everyone was raving about the view of St John's river so I guess that's what's behind your beautiful family?

  2. Eli is so adorable. Looks like Bling was quite curious about the little guy.

    Glad you were able to have a great visit with your family.

  3. So wonderful to see so many chicks in your best! Sounds like you made the most of it.

  4. I know that we are starved for rain, but those dark summer skies look so beautiful.

    Also super cute of Bling & Eli!


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