Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Mural #1

This mural is a commemoration of the Senator B. C. Pearce who was instrumental in the agricultural assistance to area farmers with the two most important crops of cabbage and potatoes.
It is found on St Johns Ave between 10th and 11th streets.
I finished knitting another Baby Surprise Jacket.
Because it is a wonderful, fast knit that you can do while watching tv, talking with kids and in general zoning out.  Perfect .  And almost as good as a sock.   
I knit this right to the very end.  I left enough to do the buttons the way I like to and then I remembered I need yarn to seam the top edge.  I need to get creative now.   I am still thinking about that.....


  1. ha, I finished my first as well:) had to dye a bit more yellow - and now I have to hunt for "rainbow" suitable buttons... I did follow the instructions to the dot, but won't knit button holes on both sides on my next one... I put an i-cord around, but next time I might use that for button hole loops instead!
    thanks for "infecting" me with that pattern - and good luck with the creative finishing:)

  2. Love the mural!
    You are the only person who has ever said the BSJ was easy!

  3. Cute! Maybe you have a coordinating yarn in your stash. I would think seaming yarn wouldn't show too much.

  4. Those giant cabbages are too much! Maybe it's because I am watching Dancing With the Stars as I write this but they make a lovely costume.
    Congrats on another BSJ finish. Some lucky baby is going to be dressed in style!


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