Sunday, June 19, 2016

See Me Bloom!

All around the yard, the rain lilies are doing their thing.
These smell lightly sweet;  a very pleasant smell! 
They bloom for several days but then a new cluster will spring up and there is a whole new batch of flowers to enjoy! 
The first pagoda plants are sending up their tall flower sets. 
These are absent of smell but since they are large and showy blooms, we will be forgiving! 
The banana grove has three blooms with such promising bunches of fruit!
These will be ready to pick in 4 months! 
The Florida Red Bay trees are in bloom and the aroma is stunning!
Almost good enough to eat!
We regularly pick the leaves for roasts in the crockpot! 
I don't know what these pretty lavender and pink blooms are in the swamp/lake out back.
They are pretty and sway beautifully with our balmy breezes now. 
The last of the buttonwood blooms are out for our viewing pleasure.  If you get close, you are in for an aromatic surprise, too, because they are very sweet to smell!
There is a new surprise every time we take a golf cart tour!


  1. answered a question I had from Friday. The plants I saw in the Villages were buttonwood blooms!

  2. Looks at those pink lilies! I have never seen pink ones. They are gorgeous. I love bay too. I hardly cook anything without it.

  3. Pretty! Especially those lilies! :-)

  4. Summer and spring and fall bring so many lovely flowering surprises. Pretty pretty photos. Wish we had smellaputer!

  5. Banana flower salad... Yummy!

  6. A beautiful array of blooms...the pink of those lilies is my favorite pick of this post!

  7. your tropical colours again! we have a lot in flower now as well, but like with the hawaiian shirts that blind you in our light - the same for flora, everything is more muted in colour here! the fuchsias that are naturalized here now are starting to flower now though. I find them very inspiring, not only because they are pinkish-red with blue-purple, but also because they have such a special flower shape... fuchsia socks will be on my needles at some stage:)

  8. The pink lilies are crinum, not rain lily.


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