Saturday, June 4, 2016

Uh, oh! and Wow!

I missed.  I know better.  They were so full last night, I just quit checking too early.  So what if I am exhausted, I needed to check them around midnight and I didn't .  So, I missed them.
They will dry up now and fall off.
I can always hope for the other stalk to produce.
Oh, bother. 
On a better note, we went to visit Caleb and Cassandra in Fernandina Beach .
The kids wanted a hole. 
The digging began and the kid corralling continued! 
The guys used a full sized shovel and dug a 10' pool.
The waves were just right, the water temperature was warm (86F) and there was a sandbar way out which made the swimming just right for dads and kids. 
Will was just as much a fish in the ocean as he is in the pool!
It was great to see him tackle the waves!
The man made tidal pool was a hit and the kids played all afternoon.
I looked for shark's teeth but didn't find any.  
I enjoyed the hunt, though.
Will enjoyed his Polar Express train when he got home;  it is sleeping on the bed table next to him.
We are going to bed sun kissed and contented!
It was a great beach therapy day!


  1. Oh makes me so sad that you missed your flower, but seeing the kid pics .....well, that made me smile. Looks like EVERYONE enjoyed the beach.

  2. Hooray for the beach!!! (Sorry about the flower, though... :( )

  3. Hooray for the beach!!! (Sorry about the flower, though... :( )

  4. Oh, no.......darn flower. It must have wanted it's privacy!
    Your beach day looks magnificent. I need some beach therapy. I am so over the heat, the humidity and most of all the bugs. I've got my summer cranky on and it's only early June.

  5. So sorry you missed the blooming. Talk about blooming - Will is getting so big! Love the tidal pool. What a fantastic day you had!!

  6. Hooray for beach therapy days! What is it that makes them so wonderful? I love them too.

  7. Looks like a fun beach day! I need one of those myself


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