Saturday, December 3, 2016


                                            And we're off to a good start on the circled quilt.
  I had a few mis-stitches on the first row but I have my pattern now I think.
Those blank circles are calling me.......
I'll let you know what I work out!


  1. YOUr quilts are gorgeous. Beautiful use of fabric and pattern.

  2. sorry for the delay, google was a b.... and didn't let me sign in:( you have been busy again! the circles quilt looks nice and yes, somehow the empty circles look "inviting":) I don't envy you sitting somewhere to wait for six hours, but being able to knit through it makes it just about bearable? looking forward to your ideas for the circles...

  3. The circles are so intriguing. Im so used to squares, this is novel !

  4. I love your circles! I'm trying to figure out quilting now and it isn't easy! So many different skills to learn.

  5. How did I miss this post? Look at that quilt! The whole idea of those perfect circles just blows my mind.


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