Saturday, January 7, 2017

Another Freeze

 We woke up to a gloomy 61F this morning but it didn't take long for the wind, drizzles and temperatures to show us a front was moving in and not a balmy one at that!
(I am pleased to say that Will slept undisturbed through the 2 hours of thunder and lightning during the night but sad to say,  Lena did not!)  The temperatures are reflecting this cold snowy front moving through our nation and while we will not even begin to compare with those storms up north, it is a bit of a jolt for us.  Bill started a fire tonight after he worked this afternoon to protect all of our plants and flowers moving all the ones that could be moved close to the house in preparation for the freeze warnings for tonight! 
 I enjoyed the close of the day with some knitting time.  Simple vanilla socks in the Gumball Handpaint Stroll fingering yarn from KnitPicks.  The colors are short repeats and they flow like briefly appearing rainbows under my fingers..........
While the robins remind me that it is warmer here than where they came from, we all find it a bit less than tropical at the moment!
(These guys are late this year and while the yard has been filling up with these birds, they haven't come close enough for me to photo them.  While this isn't the best pic, it is proof they are here!
And the yard is so joyfully cheerful with all their chatter and chirping!
Welcome, snowbirds!


  1. I love the colors on your newest sock.

    Funny you should mention the robins. We were in Green Cove Springs the other day and there was one yard just FILLED with robins. I told Steve we now know where they go when they leave Pennsylvania. They come to the big oak tree in GCSprings! LOL

  2.'s cold everywhere all of a sudden though they are saying it might be up in the 60's here by the end of the week.

  3. Those are some nice tropical colors to have in your hands during a cold snap! Hooray for yarn. :)

    Hope the freeze isn't too rough on your plants...

  4. Thanks for the color name drop!!! I love your socks. I cast on for a new pair last night. I stood outside in 12 degree sunshine with sunflower seeds in my hands. The chickadees came SO close. I could hear their flutter as I stood so still. No one landed for a seed, on my hand But I'll keep trying. (Looks like you are toe up and circular) How hard is a heel to knit toe up? People complain about it, so I'm avoiding it....but you look like it is they way to go..

  5. That cheerful yarn will take you through the cold!

  6. Love the yarn (and the name) - nice pops of color on a winter's day. We were surprised to see robins in our yard a week or so ago (Eastern PA), and now we have snow and very cold temps (though it is supposed to be 60 by Thursday!!). CRAZY weather.


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Another Pair!

The colors look like candy stripes- I thought of the old Fruit Stripes gum  but my daughter said it reminded her of the candy Sprees....