Wednesday, January 4, 2017

First Socks!

 This is Yarn from Expression fiber arts that I received for my birthday!
The colorway is called Tabby Cat in the resilient Merino superwash.
It is such a nice yarn to work with and the color made me think of chocolate and caramels!
The Nutkin pattern was tweaked so it made a nice play with the stripes!
 My parents are here for the winter!
Bill always finds some silly way to welcome them and this was their greeter this time!
He even wrote them a song with he sang to them!
 By evening we are all tired......Lena holds the yarn-I know the feeling!
and Will says he just needed to rest a minute all night!


  1. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping little boy???? No! No, there isn't!

  2. You wore that child out! Lol. It must be nice to have the folks for a nice long visit. I sure miss mine.

  3. PS: I forgot to say I loved the socks. The way the stripes turned out is amazing. Well done!

  4. The socks do look chocolaty... Yummy!

  5. The pooled parts of the socks look like my Mindy's brindle! Very pretty.

    Bet you look pretty pooped at the end of the day, too. πŸ˜‰ πŸ’œ

  6. Sleepy little boy is a joy to behold this morning. Thank you for that sweetness. I LOVE YOUR sock finish. I've put the pattern in my Ravelry projects. Love the sign and the sweet sentiment behind the welcome.

  7. Your modified Nutkins look great! I'm almost through the first of my pair. Just the toe left, then onto the second sock.


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