Saturday, February 18, 2017

Catch-Up Saturday

 I finished the second hat this morning...after my daughter and grandkids left at dawn, I stayed in bed and knit and caught up with podcasts.  Nice way to ease into my day!
 When I had moved through the chores and ended up in the studio, I put the newly bound quilt and added it to the bedding laundry.
 From the dryer, it has just the right look now!  
Next in the studio, I picked out my next water color.  (in this month's issue of Birds & Blooms!)
I didn't take long to get my 5 x 7 area all drawn in.
 Then I set up my new plate for my palette and got everything ready to paint.  Lena watched but didn't try to sit up there-that shattering plate cured her , I hope! 
 This time I filled in my background color first-much easier for me to do it this way.
 I then went to work on the baby quilt and in just a few more passes, I had the meander panto completed.
 I like the way the pastel thread marries the plain block with the print ones.
I even got the quilt labeled and hand sewn to the back!

It was a full day but always it is good to be busy for me after the house is empty again!


  1. A butterfly -- fun! The quilts turned out great, and I love the label on Hannah's quilt. We miss you!

  2. So many beautiful things to see on your blog today. I wish I could paint!

  3. I LOVE how you signed the quilt.

    I can't wait to see your finished moth. We saw one of those moths down in Orlando. It was amazingly beautiful!

  4. So talented! I can't believe the way you just throw quilts together and they are so perfect. Mine are still pretty wonky!

  5. I really love that hat pattern. Your quilts = amazing
    I need to stay super busy the days after I leave my kids or they leave me. THe distance makes my heart ache and the tears flow.


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