Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Little Socks

When Will saw me knitting with this yarn for my own socks, he mentioned that he needed grandma socks because he didn't fit in his anymore!  
I like the way the colors show up in the smaller size-48 stitches for his size 9 feet.
I made a cardboard pattern for his foot
 so I could make him some fitted socks now that he is older.
On to making this one's pair!


  1. You definitely can't turn down a request like that!

  2. Awww he will love them. I like the ribbed cuff for guy socks

  3. Nice! That's about the size I make for myself (woman's 10), using 56sts on US size 2

  4. Those turned out great! He's going to love them.

  5. It must be nice knitting kid sized socks for a change. The two I have had on the needles are wearing out their welcome.

  6. How fun to have a child to knit to for! Especially one who really appreciates the effort.

  7. So sweet that Will wants a pair of socks! :-)


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