Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Digs and Dogs!

 Caleb and Cassandra are buying their first home!
 The house is brand new and their neighbors are even newer than they are!
 See what I mean!?
 After our tour, we went back to their home for lunch and then over to the beach for a visit!
This was the first time my parents have been to the beach this winter!
 The kids didn't take too long to get ready to head over there-they love the wide open space and to be able to be as loud as the ocean!
Caleb taught me how to find shark's teeth on the beach and he gave me an assignment today, too.
You have to look at sand like this-
 to find a little tooth like this!
(Mine is the one on the right-the one only 1/4" in size-the big one is Caleb's! 
 He has hundred's!
 On the way, I finished Will's fitted socks.  The color is pretty true here.
Will said this picture wasn't good, I needed to have them on his feet!
 So I take this picture and again, he isn't satisfied.
He says this is better.....

...but they need to be modeled-his words.
Well, I have to admit, he is right.  
This is a MUCH better picture than my ideas!

(The yarn is WanderingCatYarns, Alley Cat base and the I Wanna be a Cowboy colorway,
size 2.5mm needles over 48 stitches)


  1. Will is a charmer!!!

    Good luck to Caleb and Cassandra. I hope they have many wonderful years and much joy in their new home!

  2. Great sock photos!
    We do a lot of teeth hunting here in the bay too. I am no good at finding them but my Mom had jars and jars of them.

  3. Such exciting times with a new house. Aren't they a lucky family and all so adorable. Love the socks.

  4. Exciting stuff! Love Will's smile!

  5. PS -- remember when David was Will's age and I used to laugh that his great ideas were going to be the death of me?! Your comments about Will and the sock-modeling reminds me of that!!

  6. New home, new socks and family on the beach. Im not sure it gets any better than that. ENJOY!!!! Happy for you

  7. That's quite the little sock model you've got! I think he's got a glittering career ahead of him!


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