Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Brioche Hat #2 and an Adventure!

 It turned out cute enough on this side for the black accented hat.
 But I definitely do not like the reverse side of this hat.
 On Monday, I tried something new-I went to the Community Building 5 minutes away to join in the group of ladies who meet there to do some quilting.  They bring their own machines and the project they are working on and piece it and talk and just enjoy each other's company.  It was a nice afternoon for me and I finished piecing the colorful stars .   Nice to know there is a close-by spot to enjoy doing some sewing with others!
 After sewing, Ethan was up for his nap and so we went to Lake Broward
right in town and enjoyed the playground and beach!
 The last time we visited here, our own children were this size!
The water was only a foot below the dock level then which was 27 years ago!
This is a good example of the severity of the water shortage in my area.
All the lakes are experiencing this kind  of water shortage.
The beach area was well cared for and the boys loved to play at the beach!
I love that it is not crowded and only 5 mins away!
This will be a weekly adventure from now on!


  1. another beautiful hat. We loved going to the Beach by Lake Michigan with the kids. We'd drag playpens and all kinds of stuff with. We often went with our neighbors and it was very peaceful.

  2. Kids and a sandy beach are perfect companions. Thrilled to hear you found a local sewing/quilting group.

  3. Our Bay looks like that too. It is so shallow now that you can walk way out in it. I am not sure why because we have had plenty of rain.
    That quilt is spectacular and it must be so much fun to work with others like that. My great grandmother always had quilting bees at her house when she needed to finish one of her gorgeous quilts and I was just thinking about how nice that must have been for her.

  4. I adore that quilt. The colors are so vibrant and lively. However did you get circles? Did you applique them? I admire your skills so much!

  5. Nice to have a good play beach so close to home.

  6. That yarn combo looks like stained glass! The quilt is just beautiful. I like the juxtaposition of circular and angular. The beach looks like fun -- a great diversion!


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