Saturday, June 3, 2017

Flown the Coop

 I have one princess fairy dust sock off the needles and the next one on its way!
 I lifted Will up to see the baby birds and they were gone!  All four had fledged and we didn't even get to see them! 
I will sure miss the activity that has been going on with them!
 I pulled the nest out of the hanging plant so I could water it-it has been drought-ed for several weeks!
 Yesterday we visited a NY style pizza shop-Will recognized the landscape right away and wanted me to take a pic of him in NY!
 After a bit of shopping, we visited the beach and did the boys let loose!
 Ethan got up the nerve to let go of Grandpa....
 and the tide came in!  Sneaky water!
Oh, it's okay!  I've got this!  Pretty soon he did some running, too, but not through the water like his brother! lol
 The waves were large and there was an even an emergency rescue down the beach!
The wash and dry worked wonders on the Hunter Star quilt-
even the backing fluffed a bit so I will consider it a win!


  1. Wow, you're a speedy sock knitter! The princess fairy dust sock is lovely. You keep reminding me that I need to knit some summer socks. I really should make a list of things to knit.

    Will has gorgeous blue eyes.

  2. That quilt is just scrumptious!

  3. Between that princess sock and Will's big beautifuleyes...what a post

  4. Your boys are SO handsome. Will's eyes are gorgeous. Some day some girl is just going to fall deeply in love with those eyes.

    The quilt is beautiful. You certainly have a good eye for combining colors.

  5. Wow, that quilt just keep getting prettier and prettier. The socks are so pretty -- and I love your name for them!

    Sorry you missed the birds fledging...I can't imagine why they would have chosen to escape while it was quiet,!

    Oh Will, such a cute guy, inside and out.

    Nice beach pictures! Ethan's smile sure is sunshiney!

  6. Love the sock and the quilt. Little ones at the beach is the best, well minus big waves that is.


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