Thursday, June 8, 2017

Glad for Gladys

A package of sanity arrived in the mail!
I broke my needle recently and while I love the wooden needles, they are in danger of  a toddler's bull-ox climbs on your lap!
I tried using a pair of metal ones but I just couldn't bear it.
I ordered more needles in each of the colors available from KnitPicks so I wouldn't run out of my favorite sock knitting size ones again!
Oh, and the yarn?  It's the new Chroma from KnitPicks-
it's superwash in fingering weight!
I couldn't resist a pair of socks in this pattern using great Gansey textures!
I will be doing this sock completely according to the pattern which is a rare event for me and sock knitting!
I want to try the new heel and to keep the pattern going just right, I will be knitting this pair top down!
Maybe this is nothing to you, sock knitters, but it is huge to me because I always take the pattern and just reverse it so I can knit toe-up!
I don't know what came over me but here goes!


  1. Good luck!! I do love my KnitPicks needles and the yarn you ordered is so pretty. I tried making socks with Chroma and it drove me nuts!! I ended up using the yarn for a shawl.

  2. Lovely yarn and pattern. I use Knit Picks interchangeable needles (metal points) all the time. They are versatile and the cables are flexible, which I prefer over more expensive needles.

  3. That is a gorgeous pattern.
    I have not been able to make a toe-up sock work for me. I've kind of given up on toe-up.
    I also tend to make sock patterns fit my usual top-down routine.

  4. A friend of mine just made the Gladys pattern. They are BEAUTIFUL! Good luck with yours.

  5. GLADYS is just amazing. I would love to have the talent to make those socks. I look forward to seeing yours. WOW

  6. How did I miss that new Chroma? It looks fabulous.

  7. Oooo! Lots of good things. I love good sock needles. I'm glad you got extras. That's the worst when you can't find a pair or they break. Your new yarn and that Gladys pattern is wonderful as well.

  8. Good idea to get spares -- so much nicer than having to starve while you wait for replacements. That sock pattern is gorgeous!!!

  9. I have that pattern in my queue! I'll enjoy watching yours knit up.

  10. Lovely pattern and gorgeous yarn.


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