Monday, June 12, 2017

Would you Like to Swing on a Star?

 Or play on this swing set;  our newest yard art is kid approved!  They were excited to play when we got home from church!
 The swing set was built by their Dad and Uncle Caleb-they came down for the day to build it for the kids so we will be able to have all our grandkids enjoy it when they visit!  It was a long and grueling day to put it together-it is a bundle of lumber, hardware and a thick instruction pamphlet!  The guys said it was their first and last such project! lol  Cassandra asked Caleb what the chances were for him to put one up in their yard and he said slim to none!  Time will heal all wounds!
 The kids were impressed with what their dads could do!
 This afternoon it received a thorough inspection!  (Caleb and family left last night after they had completed the job so their kids didn't get to play on it but we will have it a long time so they can next visit!)
 I especially enjoyed watching Will check out the yard through his telescope!
I see a lot of hours spent enjoying this area of the yard!


  1. I just asked The Mister for one of those for myself. Son just had one installed in his yard and I love it...not the price tag though. Ouch. Those are expensive.

  2. Fun! May it bring many hours of happy playtime to the kiddos -- and many hours of happy sit-and-knit opportunities for you! ❤️

  3. What fun the boys are going to have on that play set! I can imagine the games and adventures they are going to create. Well done, dads!

  4. That is a WONDERFUL play set. I know the kids will have a LOT of fun. Good job, guys!

  5. What a great set. They will have hours/years of fun with that.

  6. I love when they get used to death. When they are just yard art....I wish children would enjoy them. What a great effort by the guys!!

  7. That looks like it was worth the hours!

  8. I am sure they'll have lots of fun with it! all you need to provide now is blankets - to make "tents" and to hide in:) perfect! when I was a child I always wanted a tree house - no chance in the middle of town, we had to make do with chairs pushed around the room, covered in fabric pieces and old blankets - for a tent:) but imagination was more important than perfect surroundings!


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