Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Progress Around the Studio

 On Saturday, I enjoyed my monthly art class..........
it is such a wonderful 4 hours!  
We were introduced to waves and shadowing on rocks. 
 I am about halfway done with this painting. 
 It takes a lot of time to sketch and paint all the layers and details! 
 Something I wasn't aware of a year ago when I started the classes!
 This is the photo I found on Google to take my inspiration from for painting.
 When I came home, I loaded up one of the men's suit sample quilts
 on the fleece for quilting.
 Monday at quilting group, I squared up the hexagon quilt
 and prepared some borders.  I also worked some more QOV triangles.   
The second pair of Tuxie Love socks are making progress; 
  I am ready to turn the heel on this one-
I am thinking of adding a paw print 
to the back side of the heel now that I worked out the bugs for doing the paw print on a single side of the sock-
it is an interesting technique which will work, I hope, for the heel!


  1. Wow, your painting is really good! Water is the hardest thing to capture. I am terrible at capturing it. But you get it!

  2. Your painting is beautiful. I wouldn't have guessed there were so many steps to painting a picture either.

    Good luck with your Tuxie sock. A paw print on the heel will be cute!

  3. Love your painting of the waves and water. My sister is taking a painting class and she is also working on water and waves. Shes' in Minnesota

  4. Working with layers of details is time consuming but so important. Your painting is progressing well. I've never taken art classes, but I hunk they would be fun.

  5. Nice watercolors!!! I get more on me than I do the paper. What's on my hands looks better too.

  6. The painting is beautiful -- so glad you discovered watercolors and braved the stretching experience of joining a class! :)


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