Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Birthday Outing!

 Yesterday we celebrated Matthew's birthday with a family outing to the beach!
I knitted along on the messy bun hat 
and am nearing the end of this hat-another 2" is all!
 The waves were quite impressive for our shores-the rip tide warnings were still in effect so no one headed in to enjoy them from our group 
though there were plenty who disregarded the warnings-
I figure that it is the weeding out of stupid from our population....
There were plenty of bird life activity and we were very happy to watch them.
Will goes into his beach mode 
and tossed his ball and chased it for hours! 
 Ethan was not interested in the water at all at any cost!!! 
  He like hanging out with Grandpa 
and stealing sips of Grandma's lemon water!
 The beach was littered with shell detritus but I didn't find any shark's teeth!
 We did find some Coquina rocks and that is always a treasure!
This guy didn't fare so well with the waves so large.
 I enjoyed sitting and watching the waves come . 
 Very restive. 
Every once in a while a bit of foam would whip up
 and the texture is so interesting! 
 The whole day was perfection!
We came back home to cheesecake and a game of cards.
Sunkissed, rested and sated.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Raggedy Perfection!

This lap blanket is so homespun soft and wonderful! 
It was cut with the Accuquilt die for an 8 1'2" rag block.
I used a fat quarter bundle of homespun plaid fabrics.
I used 1 1/2 yards of the same type of fabric for the backing blocks.
It turned out so well, I will be making another and another!  
This one is 34" x 48".
You can see the wonderful fringe that results from the four layers of fabric.
The embroidery worked out great for the quilting motif for each block, too!
I will tell you-
there is a LOT of lint after washing and drying this blanket!
I have heard of people adding lint to their wool batts for texture-
now I understand how that could work! lol

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Some Saturday Satisfaction

 While I had some quiet time on Saturday,
I finished embroidering the center area with an in the hoop quilt design.
 I even began sewing some of the blocks together!
It went much more smoothly than I thought!
These blocks were cut with the Accuquilt cutter, 
the 8 1/2" rag block die.
 I layered the back blocks-all the same fabric,
the batting and the front fabrics and then loaded them in the hoop
for some machine embroidery.
A very interesting project!
On the knitting front-a new hat that I am going to alter so it is one of the new
messy bun hats that has the crown open for long hair!
It's for my niece and I hope to see a successful end soon!
The hat is a KnitPick's pattern, Evergreen Cap, which is full of cables!
I will miss Bill this morning as we drive to church-I knit and tend the boys while he drives-so there will be quite a bit of knit time lost! lol
(Bill is still on storm duty in southern FL)

Saturday, September 16, 2017


 Cascading Leaves socks are finished!  
What a great knit!
 Using the Berrocco Comfort DK yarn on #3 needles 
really made the socks fly off the needles!
These socks were knit toe-up over 52 stitches.
 This is the only tree that turns orange in the Fall.
I don't know what it is but it is pretty!
 Right behind that tree is this cluster of Candlestick Cassia.
It is planted around a tortoise burrow.
We have seen several after the hurricane
so we know they made it through alright, too!
 Some of our trees didn't make it though!
This is in the grove of my Live Oaks.
There is hours of work with the chainsaw ahead.
 Most of the beautiful trails my husband cleared for me on our property looks like this.  Hours of raking needed here!
This is just the debris we picked up in the front yard 
and around the house!
And the reason for the spotty blogging-I am trying to catch up from the storm!
When Bill comes home,
he will have plenty of work to do for the next month!
I also had the wonderful distraction of two additional grandkids!
My Fernandina Beach sweethearts came for an overnighter
to check out the storm damage and give me a hug!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cascading a Leaf

 Another sock done for the I πŸ’— Fall Knit-a-Long!
 This one is done on the #3 needles over 52 stitches.
The yarn is Berrocco DK;  it is super soft acrylic.
I kept the design up the front only and worked ribbing up the cuff on the remaining stitches!   I will be flying up the second sock in no time!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What Can You Do?

 When the power is out, you have to creative in your creative activities:
 Load up a quilt from your neighbor, Millie, on the frame.
Use up every last bit of your dishcloth cotton and make a radar map dishcloth!
 Pull out the Accuquilt cutter and cut out 35 rag quilt blocks for the front of a lap quilt, 35 for the back........
 and rotary cut  35  6 1/2" squares of batting for the middles!
Layer them up in a pile for sewing a quilting design on their middles-soon!

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Other Side of Irma

Cascading Leaves pattern in a Berrocco DK yarn on #3 needles.
Knitting happens when the winds howl and the power flickers! 
 This morning, we surveyed the property to find lots of trees down 
and branches broken!
 The driveway has lots of branches down but it isn't blocked!
 The pool screen is history!  
Sad to see it hanging there shredded!
 But it is replaceable!  
 While no limbs or trees are down on the house,
 the yard will be a 'project' for a month!  
This is my favorite tunnel to drive through on the golf cart!
 The banana trees took a beating! 
The pond is up the highest it ever has been!
The boys loved throwing sticks in!
And the pond is flowing out the overflow canal and made a cool bubbling brook!

The generator is going so we have essentials.
While it was pretty wild last night, 
we are safe.
That says it all.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma's Fall Socks

 I have a pair of socks done for the I πŸ’›Fall KAL!
The yarn is hand spun and dyed Merino , 56 stitches on #3 needles.
 Nancy asked about my 'foot form';  I draw everyone's foot for a record 
to fit socks I knit for them! 
 This way I can make sure the width and length is spot on.
 When  make toe-up socks, I can see how long it takes to increase to the width of the foot, then I measure this distance from the heel
 and take away an additional 1/2" of the foot length 
to allow for negative ease in a sock.  
That's my foot formula!
 As for the storm-the plants are all moved back against the house
 so they will not be knocked about by the storm!
 Everything is put away at the pool looks sad.
But the house is still inviting!  
I hope everything stays in place after Irma visits!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Soft and Inviting!

 The window seat is finished!  
I have wanted to make this for a long time 
but the foam is almost at the price of gold!
  (I had to wait for a good coupon! lol)
 The sun was too bright for the photos no matter what I tried!
You get the idea! 
 (A fun fact about the white shelves on the right of the hope chest/window seat(which Bill bought me the Christmas before we married!)
-they are real orange crates from my mother's time when they were used to make a vanity table for her as a child! 
 They were also used in the same way for me growing up 
and for my daughter, too! 
 I painted them and used them for shelves 
when I moved her almost 11 years ago!)
 It didn't take long for the sky to do this today! 
 I think we will be getting used to this kind of sky for a while!  
Ominous, isn't it?! 
 I was able to sew two pairs of jammie pants,
 in flannel because the boys like pants to sleep in!
And I have to admit- they are the snuggliest with or without the new pj's!

A Birthday Outing!

   Yesterday we celebrated Matthew's birthday with a family outing to the beach! I knitted along on the messy bun hat  and am n...