Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vero Beach Visit

 We took the 3 hour drive to visit Bill's sister and husband today.  The ride was torture-even with all my accouterments!  (cushions!)  The walk on the boardwalk along the beach sure was wonderful.  There has been a lot of wind this winter and the beach is no longer level because of it!  Very unusual pattern for the beach!
 There was an absence of blue sky but it was warm anyway for our walk.
 We took our traditional picture!  So nice to get together with them!
 We stopped to enjoy the beautiful tall dune sunflowers when we noticed the sky behind us was dark;  very dark.  The men took off at a trot to get the vehicle and pick us up.  Unfortunately, the skies opened up on us before they can to our rescue!  We got soaked!  Good laughs.
 We went to a favorite restaurant for lunch, Nino's Pizza, and enjoyed soup and stromboli for taking the chill away.   I loved seeing the coconuts in the trees!  We are too far north to have this kind of palm so it was a treat for me to see these.
 We enjoyed a sightseeing tour after lunch.  The many side streets were canopied with live oaks.  Beautiful.
 We saw this cabbage palm with the strange cactus growing up its trunk!
 Yup, cactus growing up the trunk!  Who ever heard of a climbing cactus?  I will have to do some research to solve this mystery!
I did a little knitting  on the way down and finished one sock.  On the way home, I got the toe done but the pain meds kicked in and I slept the rest of the way home.  Now that is the way to get car travelling done-out cold!


  1. What beautiful greenery! I've never seen such things. I need to get south more often.

  2. Isn't it amazing at how fast a trip can go when you are asleep?

    So sorry you were in such pain, though.

    I hope you let us know what you find out about that climbing cactus. I am as curious as you are.

  3. Florida sure does have some pretty scenery and vegetation!

    Nice that you got to spend time with Uncle Doug and Aunt Barbara.

    I like your plan for car travel...too bad that half of the times I come down to visit you, I am the driver...I don't think that would work so well! ;)

  4. I had to check why live oaks are called that:) and the sock colour goes well with the beach pics:) pity that you couldn't enjoy the travel - though I have to admit that I tend to fall asleep after a while as well:) luckily I don't drive myself....

  5. Fantastic cactus images going up the tree.

    I love the simple blue sock

  6. What a lovely visit. And isn't modern medicine wonderful?

  7. Beautiful photos. Looks like you were having a great time.
    I sure do admire your knitting.


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