Wednesday, August 31, 2022


 Plenty of time to knit all day as I traveled 
but Bill was waiting for me at the airport
 and I was soon enough home again.  
Today, I catch my breath!

Monday, August 29, 2022


Goodbyes have been said, and I am on my way home today.  This time with my parents have been precious;  Mom is on the mend and Dad has had a ton of help and both are ready to take on some independence again.  My sister is back to work and back to being the primary person of support to my parents (she lives next door!)  I have a long layover today so it is good that I knit--that green striped sock is going to be completed today!
I did manage to make my Tunisian block for August--
the contrast color was forgotten at home
 but I will edge it in short order this week.  

I am looking forward to seeing my guy, my home and my cats!
These last two weeks are tucked into my heart to treasure.

Sunday, August 28, 2022


My sister invited me to go to her house (next door) for a S'more at their campfire last night and Big Foot was spotted across the field!  My b-i-l is a fan and his daughter and son-in-law had this one made for him; it is a full 8' tall!  Very fun.
Mom gave me some yarn when I found this pattern to make when I got home--I had to make a swatch to check gauge! 
 I just might cast it on today!

Saturday, August 27, 2022


Mom and I are working on the Tunisian Block for this month. 
 It is fun to work on them together!
Yesterday, we had a wild and crazy storm roll in with strong winds, rain and hail!  You can see all of the leaves and sticks blown from the trees into the yard behind the birds!
  As soon as it settled down-the birds were right back at the feeders and getting the seed from the ground!  The birds here are beginning to flock here already.  I don't remember what these are (not the one in the front who is a mourning dove) but they were busy for a long time and then flew off together. 
 I saw no difference 'tween male or females
 to help me identify them.

The driving went well yesterday, too, because the traffic was very light and I didn't get lost!  It was a long day but we got home in time for lunch and a nap before my nieces and grandnieces came for a visit!


Friday, August 26, 2022


 This is the third time I have knit to the ankle--I left so quickly, I didn't have my cardboard cheat sheet for when to begin the gusset/heel increases.  The first time I just guessed when to begin because I was on the plane and couldn't bend over to try it on.  The second time, I tried it on and began the stitch increases too soon again!  This time, I have a bit of leeway which is the usuall way I knit my socks...finally!

My sister has joined the land of the living again!  She has the job of gaining her strength again but is well on her way to recovery.  

Today, Mom and I are off to the pulmonologist---into the city--- which is my least favorite place to drive.  It has been 25 years since I have had to drive in that direction.  I'm looking forward to being home in several hours, might I say.  We had to go to her PCP yesterday and we managed the walker and the oxygen tank on its cart---it was an interesting dance! 

 I hope we have as much fun today!

Thursday, August 25, 2022


Mom felt well enough to come into the kitchen and make scalloped potatoes with me!  We didn't have any problem sharing the same space--lots of laughs actually!
My Dad was mowing the lawn so he was happy.
In the bag of potatoes was this double potato and I said wouldn't I have loved to make a man out of him when I was a kid! 
 Mom said to go ahead and make one now-so I did! 
 This is just the kind of encouragement my Mom always gave me---and continues to do so today! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


This was a 20' Scotch Pine when we moved into this house 50 years is now 70+' high!  I enjoyed the tour in the yard looking at how tall the trees have grown.  What a pleasure to take a walk outside in the 74* weather with no humidity last night! 

  Mom is doing better each day.  She is on oxygen and it is amazing what it is doing for her strengthing legs.  We will get to do some crocheting today-the Tunisian block for August.  I was concerned I was never going to do this again with my Mom!

(I hope to catch up on your blogs soon, friends, I'm missing what you are doing!)

Monday, August 22, 2022


 It's been pretty intense waiting and watching my Mom so sick in the hospital!  They've finally found that the pneumonia is not really a bacterial infection but rather a rare reaction to a simple (for most people!) medicine!  They've given her prednisone through her IV and the lung inflammation is reducing so that she is able to breath after months of struggles!  She is feeling stronger and we hope to bring her home today! Thank God with me
 because it has been touch and go all week! Thank you for the concern and care in the comments!  My sister is still in rough shape--Covid will not be hurried until it wrings out every bit of energy out of you!

Friday, August 19, 2022


These might look like normal black-eyed Susans
 but this cluster of flowers stands 7' tall!  
Dad has serveral clumps of them throughout the yard!
His phlox are 3' tall and are just a beautiful riot of little blooms that join for very large flower heads.
And oh, does this rose smell just like a rose should--delicious!  The color is really this intense-I didn't alter it at all.
The hens and chicks cover a large 3' area-
they have been here for decades.

Dad has been resurrecting this begonia for years--he cuts it back, puts is in the basement and brings it out in the Spring and it grows--an amazing show of color in this large potted plant.
He loves these mini wave petunias 
and they just keep giving their flowers in this hanging plant!
After the thunderstorm last night, the air cooled and it felt delicious!  The strong wind knocked down the first of the Maple leaves which are just beginning to show some color.
And I did a bit of sock knitting-turned the heel and am ready to head up the leg!  Today, Mom has a procedure to get a sample of the problem spot in her lung to culture it so they can finally find the right combinatioin of medicine to eradicate the infection .

Thursday, August 18, 2022


This photo is in my old bedroom where I am again sleeping-it is a four generation shot taken 44 years ago!  
My Mom, me, my daughter and my grandmother.
1978, Syracuse, NY
There is something about going back to your childhood home to stir up memories!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


 When your Mom is in the hospital with pneumonia and your sister has Covid so she can't be in the hospital to run interference for her-you make last minute travel plans, throw yarn and clothes at a suitcase, leave in the middle of the night and head north!  This is me after only 3 hours of sleep....doing better than I thought! lol

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


 I've brought out the oldest afghan, found my place and began the 6" of border needed to complete the pattern.  There are more than 650 sts right now but I increase 8 sts every round!  The yarn is soft, the end is in sight and I am determined to see this to the end!

Monday, August 15, 2022


It's a wrap on the sunflower afghan!
  It measures about 42"  52";  a generous lap size.
I made a border with the colors of the flowers using a slip stitch embroidery stitch.  The border lays flat and that is important!
It is now folded up and ready to give to my sick friend this week!

Friday, August 12, 2022


I've been down with a migraine so have been stopped in my tracks.  I will distract you with our Angel Trumpet tree--it is 15' high and  about 10' across!
The flowers are 10" long at least--
...and from underneath, they look like this!  The have a very subtly sweet smell.
I was able to open my right eye and see by last night so I cast on some new socks and decided to work a cable up the side.  Not bad for half a brain!  


What a good pattern this is! 
 I put it together in no time compared to the first time I used it! lol
The two quilts look great on the design wall while waiting 
for their turn at the quilting frame! 
And now that both QuiltsForKids are finished....the quilting frame is open and ready to bring to life the dolphin quilt!  

Thursday, August 11, 2022


I ran out of the RedHeart Soft white for the last two blocks-no big deal bc I had a white that was close enough but the gold....I ran out for the last petal and a half!  And nothing in the house even close!  I decided to embrace the color change and used the lemon yellow!
I sew the blocks in a row by matching pairs and crocheting them across-no ends , no sewing!
I sew the next row to the one before and just keep joining.  When all the rows are together, I turn it and crochet along the lengths.  When I add the border, I crochet the ends of two sides into the border.  It's very relaxing and goes very easily and in good time!  You will see it finished pretty soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022


It's been too hot to work in the garage for any wood turning but the joy of painting is a good activity, too. 
 This waterfall could be anywhere -- almost. 
 I could sit and listen to a waterfall all day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022


I  laid out the sunglower blocks yesterday and determined how many more blocks I needed (16) 
and I made 8 while in the car on errands.
In the evening, Lena helped break in the newest afghan 
while I worked on some more blocks....
and then Sissy came and joined her!  
This didn't leave me a lot of room to work but I did my best!

Monday, August 8, 2022


I was able to finish putting the binding
 on the QuiltsForKids girls' quilt and 
it will go through the washer/dryer 
when I finish the boy's version.

The boys' is loaded on the frame and I have completed a few rows.  I hope to work some more on it after our appointments in town this morning!  

Sunday, August 7, 2022


I dug out the box with the granny squares and laid them out on the floor. I was only lacking ONE block more which I promptly finished so I could get this done! 
(BTW, I don't like working on the floor at all! lol)
 Once they were organized, I began crocheting them together like chain piecing--placing the rows together 
and then crocheting along the columns. 
 I am now adding the border; 
 I think I will be adding a border row in color
 and then another two in the light grey. 
 It's about 36 x 46" right now-a nice lap size.

Saturday, August 6, 2022


I quileted the girls' QFK, trimmed it 
and even cut the binding from the leftover backing.
I will start off making the binding and applying it today.
I loaded the boys' quilt and hope to have it completed today also!  I have high hopes--
it was pure joy to be home two days in a row!   

Friday, August 5, 2022


The nights usually cool down but not in August--it is near 100F every day and the nights aren't a lot cooler at the high 70's and it is humid round the clock.  I must admit, the view out of my bedroom window each morning is beautiful, though!
I'm not the only one that likes the sun shining on them in the morning--this is one of our older females, Sissy, who rarely is so bold to expose her stomach like this!  We enjoyed this rare sighting!
Lena and I headed into the studio so I could play with some fabric!  I wanted to cut out all of the pieces for the dragon quilt.
Someone determined to slow me down at every cut!  She lets me piece just fine but the cutting makes her whip her tail back and forth so that I had to keep moving away!
Even so, I managed to cut all of the pieces (120+) 
and sewed some of the units.
It did feel good to be in there again!  Today, I will be piecing more units and then loading and quilting one of the QOK on the frame!



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