Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creative Juices are Flowing Again

 I finished another pair of socks requested from my Seattle daughter-in-law!
 I started one of my queued projects-this pattern, West Desert Hood.   I tweaked it just a bit to make it less hood like and more cowl like!  It is a fun knit and inspired by a recent project on this blog where she used a similar honeycomb patter for her sock.
 I did some sewing!  I haven't sat down and enjoyed a good sew in a long time.   Bill is feeling so much better everyday that I am starting to enjoy my more normal routine again.  This is an outfit for Ella-I need some feedback before I make any more from this pattern-length, fit and comfort need to be assessed!
 We have had to visit St Augustine a lot lately for doctor appointments so we always fit in a visit to the ocean.  See the pelicans in flight over the waves?  Those are two shrimping boats in the far right.
 The sea oats are heavy on their stalks.
Naughty kitty.   But she says she isn't on the table, she is on the quilted table runner.....

Monday, October 28, 2013


We had a Marty Stouffer moment recently;  there was a great commotion in the front yard so I ran out expecting to see a dog which usually is the source of the cats all freaking out.  But it was this vulture who decided to dine on our sidewalk!  Bill scooped the squirrel and gave it a toss off to the side of our property.  
Soon, there was quite a scuffle for this prize!  I caught a picture of these venerable vultures!
 This is the chair where I spin-it has a vibration cushion which is wonderful to extend my spinning time!
 Vinegar is an important ingredient in my house-I use this in the dyeing process for my wool and we have another jug that goes to the beach with us because it is an excellent antidote for jellyfish stings, stingray stings and any cut you incur from fish or shells in the ocean!
This is my cordless vacuum which does an excellent job removing dust bunnies from my hardwood floored home!
Bougainvillea Vines!   
 Vinca vine.
 Mandavilla vine!
Jasmine vines!
Trumpeter vines.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Against All Odds

Yes, in case you are wondering, your knitting does reflect your mood or state of mind!  I had to rip out the first pair because they were too tight-this time they are just right!  I needed a successful knitting project in the finished pile!

Bill is responding well to the new medicine and we see improvements in the wound site, a return to healthy skin color and a reduction in the swelling.  Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 Uh, oh, I am late but here we go-Utility pole in our front yard.
 Underside of the magnolia leaf-don't you just love the bronze coloring?!
 A right-of-way driveway on the edge of our property that Bill is responsible for the upkeep.
 Unity among friends......
 Unfurled ferns.
 Underbelly of our truck!
 A yard urn.
Pool patio umbrella!  That's all until next time!

Monday, October 21, 2013

So, What's New?!

 Enterobacter and
 its partner, streptococcus have been identified and
 are now targeted with a new antibiotic!  We have high hopes!
 We were delivered of a whole new set of meds with picc line flush syringes, tubes and bandages....we will not miss you bacteria!  The course of treatment is for six more weeks!
We will be finishing the antibiotic the day before Thanksgiving......how appropriate!
On a more normal line of thought, this is a very small cactus on the front porch-it is in bloom!  It looks like a life saver to give you an idea of scale!  (No smell)
We paused by this field of sunflowers on the way home from the doctor's office.  They were pointing to the sun-very pretty!

I am knitting this pair of socks again.  I can tell I have been under some pressure-I finished this pair the first time on size 1 needles, using the same number of stitiches I use for size 2 needles and never tried them on-just knit away and........when  I should have been yelling Voila!  I said, Oh, no!  They were way too small and since they are for a specific someone with feet the same size as mine, I knew it was just NOT going to work.  I ripped out both socks and immediately cast on again.  Note to self-think!  So glad yarn is able to be used again and no one is the wiser-unless you tell!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

There's No Place Like Home!

Bill came home from the hospital last night.  This is 5 days worth of antibiotics..the 'downy balls' get attached to his Picc Line twice a day and take 2 1/2 hours to empty.  In the afternoon, I push the smaller syringes into his line for a boost against this infection.  We have had several visits from Home Nurses today to help us learn our new routines.  One more for dose tonight and then we try it on our own tomorrow!  The MRI did show that the infection is in his bone (osteomylitus) and that is why it has been so hard to fight it.  Praying that God will bless this course of medicines at work in his body!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


So, the foot finally went beyond healthy.  Bill is admitted in the hospital for IV infusions of antibiotic cocktail to get rid if the infection settled in his foot.  They will be sending him home tomorrow ( we hope)  with a port to continue the meds for six more weeks.  Thank you , Lord, for medicine.....

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cover Crops

 Our neighbor is growing hemp plant to improve his soil. (No, not that kind of hemp!)   It has a beautiful flower.
 This is looking across the garden full of it!  The plants are about 5' high.  I want to see if I can harvest some of the seeds to make oil for my soap making!  Gratefully, he is patient with my 'ideas'!
 Another healthy crop is our loofahs!  They are almost ready to harvest and dry.
 This was a few weeks ago and they are even bigger now!
 For the first time, our orange and grapefruit prove to be a bountiful crop, too!
 Most are ready to harvest in December and January.  Citrus fruit stay on the vine for months without spoiling unlike apples , for example.
 Another good crop with Bill off his feet is ants!  They sure do like our sandy soil!
We saw this plant on a recent visit to Matthew's.  I cannot find out what it is with the fruit like this!
Any help would be appreciated!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 Tabby cat, Sissy, who is on Bill's mountain of pillows and cushions where he elevates his errant foot.
Stormy asks for equal time as a Tabby cat on the blog!
 Antique teacups in my china cabinet.
 Our Roselle tea bush which stands 8 feet tall and is covered with buds!
This is a different view of the plant so you can see the color and texture of the plant!
We bought this tea blended from the dried plant and look forward to making our own.
 I have two of these Ti plants gracing my front yard.
 This thread cabinet was a find we bought at a clothing factory auction many years ago.  It is an incredible treasure trove of thread!
See what I mean!  Each drawer is filled with spools of thread for sewing.
 I have a rack of serger thread,
 quilting thread,
 and machine embroidery thread!  Hi, I'm Cindy and I like to sew...........
 This is a testimonial-I highly recommend everyone to use Thieves Oil for good mouth health!  You only need a drop of this essential oil on your toothbrush each morning or evening for white teeth and healthy gums.  It is great for anyone who suffers with sensitive teeth, too!

I never get tired of the texture of the sand at the beach.
That is all I will take the time to blog about!

 (Bill is grounded with another explosion of cellulitus in his foot; he is in a ton of pain and can't walk on his foot.  We have started another round of a stronger anitbiotic; pray for its effectiveness!)


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