Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 Tabby cat, Sissy, who is on Bill's mountain of pillows and cushions where he elevates his errant foot.
Stormy asks for equal time as a Tabby cat on the blog!
 Antique teacups in my china cabinet.
 Our Roselle tea bush which stands 8 feet tall and is covered with buds!
This is a different view of the plant so you can see the color and texture of the plant!
We bought this tea blended from the dried plant and look forward to making our own.
 I have two of these Ti plants gracing my front yard.
 This thread cabinet was a find we bought at a clothing factory auction many years ago.  It is an incredible treasure trove of thread!
See what I mean!  Each drawer is filled with spools of thread for sewing.
 I have a rack of serger thread,
 quilting thread,
 and machine embroidery thread!  Hi, I'm Cindy and I like to sew...........
 This is a testimonial-I highly recommend everyone to use Thieves Oil for good mouth health!  You only need a drop of this essential oil on your toothbrush each morning or evening for white teeth and healthy gums.  It is great for anyone who suffers with sensitive teeth, too!

I never get tired of the texture of the sand at the beach.
That is all I will take the time to blog about!

 (Bill is grounded with another explosion of cellulitus in his foot; he is in a ton of pain and can't walk on his foot.  We have started another round of a stronger anitbiotic; pray for its effectiveness!)


  1. nothing witty comes to my mind with t just now - but you could have filled the entry just with thread, I think:) that shelf rack was a great find, you won't need to buy any for a lifetime! and all the best to Bill - I hope the new meds work to finish that foot problem!

  2. Oh, how I envy you that thread cabinet! And a tea bush - really? How very neat. Also a ti plant - you can make your own hula skirts! What wonderful Ts you have!

    Praying earnestly for Bill. How frightening.

  3. I need to get caught up. I will post S, T and U next week. Dye Day prep and Dye Day took all my spare time.

  4. Terrific! Tremendous! Tantalising threads!


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