Wednesday, March 22, 2023


I had so much fun making a coaster from the Diamond Dotz kit.  A very relaxing way to spend an hour!
I also whipped up another Shop Hop Block case-to surprise my Shop-hopping buddy, Mary!  We meet up again on Friday!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


This batch of rocks is on its last week-next week will be the big reveal!  I have chert, petrified wood and some other fun rocks!
This was the mystery mix from the RockShed--oh, so pretty after only one week of tumbling!
As long as we are in Spring now, I thought I would show you my veggie beds--and I have green poking up all over!  
Look hard and you can see the beans here!  See-we don't have soil here-we have sand with lots of decaying material in it!  Very different to work with but I have high hopes!
The last block is finished!  Now I have to decide how to attach them to each other--I'm pretty sure I will be crocheting the blocks together--it is easiest and looks good, too.  
I'm off to Quilting Group today; I made some
 machine/ hand needle cushions for the original four of us! 
 I made it out of canvas squares filled with walnut shells.  
The lines are inked on with permanent marker.
  The pile of threads are from the 'fringing' I did to the sides!


Monday, March 20, 2023


During the Shop Hop, each shop hands out a specialized block for their store.  It was hard to keep track of them while shopping and getting our stamps, etc.  Their catalog for the hop had a pattern for an organizer for the blocks.  While I didn't use their pattern bc it was too large for my taste, I did manage to make one just right for me!
The back side is quilted to give it some shape;  I just did some outline ree motion stitching.
It was easy to keep the nice and neat in the zippered case!  I put a fat quarter square of cardboard in there to aide inserting a new block.  Now, I will surprise Mary with her own, too!  Shhh, don't tell!

Sunday, March 19, 2023


I trimmed the motifs apart for the SteamPunk quilt blocks.  I could use plain fabric between the blocks or I could buy some coordinating fabric from this line.  I will think about it for a while.
I did dig right in to putting the grey triangles onto two opposite corners of the charm pieces to start off the Mini Petals quilt.
And the hard part for the panel has been done--
trimming it to the right dimensions 
so that you can surround it with blocks that will fit!
  In this case, it is 42 1/2" by 24 1/2 " because both numbers can be divided by 2, 3, 4 and 6 to give me
 a good variety of block choices!  

Saturday, March 18, 2023


We had a beautiful day to drive to start our Shop Hop yesterday, we visited 5 shops and traveled 171 miles!
This year, you collect a printed block for each shop you visit.  These will be added to a quilt we will make to commemerate the Hop with fabric just released for the event.
This was my haul for the day-FQ's, charm packs, backing fabric, a couple of panels (the brown one in the back is a Steam  Punk one--a weakness for me!) and a new Accuquilt die!
We (Mary and I) had a wonderful day
 and look forward to Day #2 in a week or so!
  (when we recover! lol)


Friday, March 17, 2023


I had a little hiccup with the newest block;  I was enjoying it so much because it had a great rhythm but when I looked at the picture, mine didn't look the same!  I looked more closely at the return row and it alternted every 8 rows and I hadn't done that!!!!  Lena helped me rip out ( and tangle up) the block.
I had it reknit in no time!  It was a very enjoyable block!
 Only one more block to knit and I will begin
 to knit them together into a lap-sized afghan.
And Presto Change-O is sewn into a top!  There were a lot of seams to line up but slow and steady gave me the results I wanted to reach today and this was a big one on the list!

Today--I am going Shop Hopping with friend, Mary!  

Thursday, March 16, 2023


My package of love made it safely to my new grand-nephew!  He was a big guy and so I don't think the sweater and hat will fit long but they were there in time for the extra foot of snow that just fell!  It's heartwarming to see our stitches
-both quilts and knits- being used!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


It's fun to explore what is close to home-this trail has several banks and gullies where the sand erodes from around tree roots and expose some of the beauty that was under the ground.  These trunks are all connected-it was fascinating to follow the ways the touch!
This are is about 15' across with all of these 'straws' hanging down-
...which belongs to this 40' cabbage palm tree!
The width of this trunk-under the ground' would never be noticed until it is exposed!
I loved the way this trunk has a 5' hollow area!  Wouldn't it be fun to fill it with fairies and their houses!
And back at my house, the ground orchid is just covered with flower clusters since we had 1" of rain twice this last week!  The sunshine and rain has greened up the whole lawn--it is beautiful again!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Another batch done from the tumbler!  
Some pink and yellow jasper , quartz, epidote and unakite.
These four in the front are my favorites this batch-epidote, pink jasper, unakite and red striped jasper.
We had a campfire last night-a perfect night for it-no wind and a bit chillier than it has been!
This is what I will work on today at quilting group!

Monday, March 13, 2023


I've had this linen placemat for ages--loved the colors 
but never did anything with it-until the other day!
I decided to turn it into a pressing pad / carrying case for the new little portable iron! I layered two pieces of batting topped with some teflon heat 'resistant material.  I tucked all three layers under the hem on the back of the placemat which I had unstitched first.  I then added some stitching in the areas I wanted to fold it and to hold the layers together, too.
I sewed 1/2 of a pony elastic on one side and on the other side I placed the elastic through a large button to keep this area folded in...
...and added a separating zipper to the other two sides. 
It is easy to open it up for pressing or fold it up for transporting!
Doesn't that look neat and practical, too?! 
 The definition of perfection in my world!

Sunday, March 12, 2023


I finally stopped whining and vascillating on what quilt design 
I should use, I just did it!
I chose a feather panto which I am calling seaweed 
to go with the clamshells! lol
I promptly loaded up one of the Quilts of Valor tops;  it is considerably larger than my usual lap size! 
Being a generous twin size, it maxes out my frame!
I am using a simple star and banner pattern for this one! 
 A good day in the studio!

Saturday, March 11, 2023


Last night I finished binding off on block #10-only two more to go and I will be stitching them all together for a lap robe! (I know it is wobbly-it is unblocked but once sewn in with its mates,
it  will be flat!)
The  little pops of cables against the background of purl and slippedd stitches was a new combination of stitches for me to learn.  It is certainly texture rich!
 And I finished the two sets of stairs-here is the view from the top down!  I like the view from the bottom up-
--the contrast turned out just the way I had hoped!  Being a loyal mom, I used Behr Paint because my son is a Sales Rep for them!  It's easy to pick up right at Home Depot!
And today-----I am home!  Look out studio, here I come!

Friday, March 10, 2023


I'm ten days late to the start of the Shop Hop but I will be making up for it over the next few weeks!  There are at least a dozen shops that are within a reasonable drive (1 1/2 hours) to snag the shop 'Patch' and enjoy the extras each shop works at providing!  
I started this yesterday and will finish the second coat on the grey treads today--oh, yeah, there is a second set of stairs just like this one!  Twice the fun!  I wore knee pads-a real life saver because you do't get to stand up the whole time you are painting!
I picked up this block to finish it-I have another repeat before I will be adding it to the finished pile!
And I am adding a few blocks a day to the cotton granny square tote project; it is slow going but pleasurable just the same. 

I don't have a Friday Feline picture but let me tell you a story;
about 4am I was awakened by a strange cat meow and having said cat run over my body while I was sound asleep was a rather rude awakening!  I jumped up and chased it out of my room and met Bill in the middle of the house as he had chased it and lost it in the dark!  We turned on lights and chased it outside!  This same cat did this several months ago (Bill hosed it and we hadn't seen it again) and it is upsetting to all of us (Bill, me and the 3 girls)!!!  Bill has locked the cat doors for the night and hopefully, that will keep him from his nighttime visits.  The worst part of his visits.....he is an unneutered male and he sprays-there is no smell quite like it unless you compare him to a skunk!
So needless to say, being awakened with an adrenaline surge and trying to ignore the house was hard to get back to sleep! 

Thursday, March 9, 2023


A pair of socks made with Premier Fruits yarn on #1 needles!
This is an acrylic yarn that feels more like a cotton/wool blend than acrylic.  Nicely saturated colors and a good knit.


I had so much fun making a coaster from the Diamond Dotz kit.  A very relaxing way to spend an hour! I also whipped up another Shop Hop Bloc...