Saturday, November 30, 2019

Red and Green

 I'm working on another attempt at the top down sweater, this one a V-neck.
I'm knitting with WoolEase yarn by LionBrand on the LK-150.
 The back is done and now I am working on the front. 
The sleeves will connect the front and back while being knit
 so there is only the side seams to deal with when finished!  
Fun this time!
 Someone likes to craft while I am working in the studio!
 Outside, we have some blooms we don't see until this time of year!  
 Christmas cactus
 And others that have been blooming all year-
 desert roses
 shrimp plants
And this is a mandavilla--it has been blooming since March--
and is still going strong with a dozen blooms at least!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

I like it!

 Yesterday, the new clue for the Mystery QAL was revealed-
I put my blocks up on the design wall correctly but won't get to sew them together
for a few days while we share Thanksgiving festivities!
 I like the dark blue pieces!
They look like writing but it isn't really;
just scribble script to give the sense of words.
I am working to keep all of the script horizontal
which takes a bit of thinking!
 I finished the basket weave dishcloth and
cast on this old favorite.
I will get to knit in odd moments today
after many moments of crazy activity!

Happy Thanksgiving to you who read this blog.
I am grateful for the many of you I have 'met' here.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Whole Day of Studio, Almost!

 After  finishing the pressing and trimming of the Myster QAL blocks,
I cut the borders and attached them on this lap quilt.
 Since I was on a roll, I decided to place those blocks I had removed,
and incorporated them into the backing.
 I whipped off these pj's for the Fernandina grands.
 With the few remaining moments before I had to head to the kitchen for some baking of pies,
I made this pot holder I had read about on Joy's blog.
I had seen these forever and wondered why I never made one!
And one was all I could made because I only had a scrap of the insulate fabric.
 See, your fingers and thumb go inside the back.
If I like using it, I will make some more!
And I closed out the day yesterday with a bit of new dishcloth knitting.
Another variation on the basketweave texture.

Today, all I have to do is bake an apple pie .
Easy preparation for the pleasures of family time tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


 During quilt group, I managed to finish sewing all of the half square triangle blocks
they do all have to be trimmed to exact size.
 I also completed the second hat for a grandson
but it did take a bit longer to bury all of those ends!
It was worth it though, because now they are both done-
similar but not exact just the way their dad likes it!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Quilting Group

This is the project I brought
to work on during quilting group.
It is the Mystery Quilt -A-Long from Alycia Quilts.
(thanks to this post from Nancy)
I need to catch up in time for the new 'hour'
revealed on Wednesday.
Look at the new gadget I have to make my
sewing easier on the portable machine I take to class--

a sewing table to give me a larger sewing area.
It's a Sew Steady JR Table
customized for your machine from Sewing Machine Plus.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Slowly a Saturday

Does anyone else watch TV while the screen is blocked liked this?!
He actually dozed off sitting there!
I finished plying some yarn-
this is the Polworth.
It's the first of 4 skeins I will have 
from this fiber;  155 yards on this one.
I worked up two swatches
for the next projects on the knitting machine.
I'm hoping I have all of my numbers
figured out correctly!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

One Day to Catch My Breath

So I spent most of yesterday in bed
dozing and knitting.
I guess this new health pattern is ramping up its ugly head.
There is a hefty price to pay to over-scheduling.
So now I know the rules of engagement!

I hope to catch my breath so I can
                                                     do some sewing in the studio today!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Grandparent's Day

We started out the day yesterday
visiting our grands for a special presentation 
for grandparents at their school.
It was precious.
(Bill and I are in the center. their Omi on the right
and adopted grandparents on the left.)
 Afterwards, we went out to lunch at this restaurant.
It is on the Amelia River.
 And  it's called the Down Under because you have to drive around the winding road under the highway to get to it!
 After a delicious lunch, we walked out closer to the river so Eli  could threw stones!
 His dad, my youngest son, threw a stone so far that Eli was amazed!
It's nice to amaze your kids!
 Isn't this a pretty scene?!
It was a perfect day.
The drive home was long (2 1/2 hours) but uneventful.  
This is a long bridge over the St Johns River at Dames Point.

I'm home today-shhhhh!
Don't tell anyone.
It has been a whirlwind of a week!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Out of Town

Two hats delivered to their new owners!
Visiting grands in Fernandina Beach-
it is chilly here, too!
We read "Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat" and 
then I gave the kids their own woolie warmies!
It was a great ending to a very fun book.
(Recommended by In a Pickle, a knitting podcast)
We watched the space station go overhead last night-
it is good to share the wonder of such a sight.
Off to enjoy taking part in their Grandparents' Day at school.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Successful Execution

Yes, today was a successful execution of all the errands 
from Palatka to Daytona  to Palm Coast to home today. 
All purchases are for present projects;
flannel for pj's, 
books for pleasure, 
yarn in front for mittens
and in back, gifted skeins for all of my hats, etc.
The blue vinyl on the right will become seat covers for my golf cart!
The red/white/blue on top of the fabrics is for the mystery quilt
The triangles on the fabric under the yarn will
become Christmas banners--wait until you see them!
(I was pleasantly surprised to see that the order from
contained a third panel-one more than I ordered-
because a note said I got it free because it was the end of the bolt!)

Off again today after lunch--more knitting to happen on the travels!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Some Finished Works

 I only had 1/2 and hour of work left on this
and managed to finish the quilting at the frame
and add the binding yesterday before we hit the road.
 The quilting is called birds and blooms for obvious reasons.
I didn't  get to load a new quilt on the frame but I hope to do that
this morning before I have to leave for the day again!
Yeah, it's that kind of week.
 I did manage to knit this hat on the trip yesterday.
It will fit a teen to a women because of the 2 x 2 rib stretchiness!
The yarn is Red Heart Ombre in purple on #8 needles.
I hope to knit another one today!

Monday, November 18, 2019


Look closely under our East Palatka Holly tree
(with its ripening berries)
and see the pair of Sand Hill Cranes
who regularly come to sift through the seeds spilled
from our bird feeders
by the much smaller song birds!

This is going to be a very 'going' week
in which we will not have a 'home-all-day' day
until Friday this week!
I hope I will at least be able to knit while in the car so much!

Sunday, November 17, 2019


The official finished photo of the Patriot's Quilt.
36 x 48"
And the CoBoo Raglan is completed!
It is blocked and joy of joys, it fits!
It was a close call on the amount of yarn I calculated;
this is all that is left after seaming 
and stitching all of those turned hems by hand.
It is weightier than a wool sweater
but the silky sheen of the bamboo makes it a perfect southern fiber!
As I was blocking it--note the photo bomber in the background!
Yup, the boys are in town!
We had a lovely time baking and then painting together. 


The first Helical striped sock is finished--the yarn is from Webs, their Valley Yarns Huntington in Arctic and Chocolate colors.  Perfection...